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Many Americans—even its youngest citizens—sensed this immediately. As three Brooklyn children wrote to the President just three days after he signed the Emancipation Proclamation: "You have added glory to the sky & splendor to the sun, & there are but few men who have ever done that before, either by words or acts... . O! dear Uncle Abe, only see the Proclamation carried out & how brightly will the name of Abraham Lincoln shine through all times & ages." History has largely confirmed their prediction.

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Childhood About 200 years ago Abraham Lincoln was born in a little log cabin in Kentucky.

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At the White House, President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln welcomed the new year by hosting the customary holiday reception. For hours, they greeted visitors by the hundreds—"gorgeous dignitaries," military officers, and "diplomats in gold lace," according to one local newspaper—just as presidents and first ladies had done for years in peace and war alike. But this was to be no ordinary New Year's Day at the White House. Today, history would be made.

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In this essay I analyze the debate over Abraham Lincoln's role in the emancipation of African American slaves. Speaking both to contemporary public memory and the evidence of history, I contend that when Lincoln discussed or wrote about emancipation between 1860 and 1863, his rhetoric exhibited a dialogic form that shifted responsibility from the president to congressional leaders and common citizens. I conclude that Lincoln's dialogic rhetoric does not signal his opposition to emancipation but rather his deep belief that emancipation would become meaningful only after the considered deliberation and action of the American people.

Abraham Lincoln has gone down as one of the most prominent presidents in the American History.

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On this New Year's afternoon, Abraham Lincoln took pen in hand, dipped it in ink, and then, unexpectedly, paused and put the pen down. To his surprise, and to the surprise of all the witnesses looking on, Lincoln’s hand was trembling. It was not, the President later insisted, "because of any uncertainty or hesitation on my part." As he put it at that decisive moment: "I never in my life felt more certain that I am doing right than I do in signing this paper." But greeting so many New Year's guests downstairs had taken a toll. "I have been shaking hands since 9 o'clock this morning, and my hand is almost paralyzed," Lincoln explained. And he did not want his signature to look hasty. "If my name ever goes into history it will be for this act," he told the people gathered in the room, "and my whole soul is in it. If my hand trembles when I sign the proclamation, all who examine the document hereafter will say, 'He hesitated.'"

The life of Julius Caesar is comparable to the life of Abraham Lincoln in a variety of ways....

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Abraham Lincoln never wavered from striving to better himself through reading just about anything he could get his hands on, to just simply being honest.

Abraham Lincoln can be considered one of the greatest presidents of American history, but how did he become president anyway....

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Although it is difficult to quantify with precision, the Emancipation Proclamation probably freed about 200,000 slaves, as Union troops marched farther and farther into the Confederacy, setting blacks free in their path. The slaves themselves became active participants in the movement, rushing by the thousands into the safety of Union lines and volunteering en masse to take up arms against former masters. Lincoln took another giant step forward the following year and supported a Constitutional Amendment to free slaves everywhere, even in the loyal, slave-holding border states. That amendment became the law of the land in 1865, crowning the "jewel of liberty,"as historian David Long has put it, paraphrasing Lincoln himself. Tragically, Lincoln himself did not live to see the Amendment ratified into law, though he surely knew its acceptance was inevitable.

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Nonetheless, what Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation did—and did not do—has been the subject of heated debate ever since. Clearly, Lincoln believed it would change the course of both the Civil War and the peace that would follow. And so did the painters, sculptors, engravers, and lithographers who soon began portraying him as a Modern Moses in a host of artistic tributes to his accomplishment. Though the graphic arts proved surprisingly slow to celebrate emancipation—waiting until the election campaign of 1864 to issue their first, tentative tributes to the document, and withholding heroic tributes to the Emancipator himself until his assassination and martyrdom in 1865—popular culture ultimately embraced Lincoln as a liberator, and for nearly a century most historians agreed that Lincoln deserved the accolades.