A courthouse is the forum where evil should be dealt with.

Obviously, one doesn’t sit and contemplate how to be of good courage every breathing moment. What human history has shown is that all people have made some type of mistake. However, one thing that is always imperative to realize is that a person can learn from his mistake. To realize that the principle of standing up to protect someone’s rights and ideas is a noble cause might not give you an earthly and monetary gain, but it will give one a self of completement and contentment (if of course, the reason that one has “stood up” in the first place was not for monetary gain!). Courage is really not about money, but rather setting aside one’s fear and taking action for the good of oneself or someone else.

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 Overcoming fears when the odds are against you is a requirement for courage.

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The “seven knightly virtues” were symbolized in a knight’s equipment. The spurs represented courage – the term for becoming a knight is “to win your spurs.”

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He must sit solidly at home, and not sufferhimself to be bullied by kings or empires, but know that he isgreater than all the geography and all the government of theworld; he must transfer the point of view from which history iscommonly read, from Rome and Athens and London to himself, andnot deny his conviction that he is the court, and if England orEgypt have any thing to say to him, he will try the case; if not,let them for ever be silent.

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For the golf enthusiasts among us, however, the preponderance of courses is a delightful benefit of living in this otherwise uninteresting locale, where the only saving grace is the plentiful supply of interesting people.

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As the Persianimitated in the slender shafts and capitals of his architecturethe stem and flower of the lotus and palm, so the Persian courtin its magnificent era never gave over the nomadism of itsbarbarous tribes, but travelled from Ecbatana, where the springwas spent, to Susa in summer, and to Babylon for the winter.

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Human nature proves that if nothing is said or done about bad behavior it will continue and eventually worsen. Allowing things to be conveniently forgotten will eventually make it harder to stand up to. Just being mad when wrongdoing has occurred is not enough. Courage is actually confronting those inside emotions and doing something about it (besides doing nothing). One should have some solid sense of moral justice when dealing with unethical behavior, so it becomes internally bothersome when one is subject to it.

What are some historic and recent examples of moral courage or moral cowardice?

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A stranger courageously runs into a street to help rescue a child from being hit by a car because he or she is protecting life. Sure, the stranger could do this action with the hope that he might be rewarded well for his deed. He could also find his courage due to his duty to his community. However, this stranger’s courageous instinct kicks in; his ethical and moral principles respond and he reacts to them.

A true aspirant, therefore, never needs look forallusions personal and laudatory in discourse.

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For those residents whose interests lie in other pursuits, those courses are a waste of large quantities of otherwise useful space that could be better used to construct another mall or store.

Write an essay about a historical event in which courage played a major role.

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