advantages of e-mail and its disadvantages.

For the Chinese learner taking classes in English from instructors in the United States there are particular advantages and some disadvantages.

But I do not think virus and spamming is a disadvantage of internet

The advantages of online education are so persuasive that people will not be able to resist them.

Advantages Online Learning Essay

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Is it correct format If i write the balanced conclusion (means there are merits and demerit) in advantage and disadvange type essay????

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“Online delivery of courses have become increasing popular due to several advantages for both education institutions and the students in terms of flexibility in scheduling” (Lu, 2012, p....

Online education can only be a good thing for everyone involved in the learning process.

Disadvantages Online Learning Essay

As more online courses are being offered to adults, different aspects of this learning medium have become apparent. Online courses offer students some advantages over studying in a classroom, however there are some definite drawbacks. This essay will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of online courses.

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I read about you comment about not writing “this essay will look at/discuss” but I don’t know how to remove it when writing an advantage and disadvantage and problem solution essay.

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The next video on my course is about the discussion essay. I’m filming it at the moment. After that I’ll do the advantage disadvantage essay. I’m really pleased you found the lesson on the opinion essay useful.
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In fact, online education is one of the most flexible and convenient forms of learning.

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This makes it easy to get hold of information quickly
* Web sites are accessible from anywhere in the world, if you have an Internet connection
* Web sites may include sound, video and graphical images as well as text.

The Internet will not answer all of your questions and it does have some problems.

It is essential to look at the advantages and disadvantages of rote learning to reach a conclusion.

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Disadvantages of the Internet:-

There are certain cons and dangers relating to the use of Internet that can be summarized as:

Personal Information:
If you use the Internet, your personal information such as your name, address, etc.

Jana, R. 1999. “Getting the most out of online learning.”  21(37), 119-120.

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I dont know how to deal with the following weird advantage and disadvantage type essay. Please help me how and from where to start i mean how to deal with the background and thesis statements.