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~John Lubbock

It is one of those fringy, winding places
Where close the clover-velvet interlaces,
And the dwarf oak and little evergreen,
Lovers, in one another's arms are seen;
While larkspur, painted-brush and poppy flame—
All flowers the low winds, coming, call by name—
Make mimic sunsets under foot, with hues
Of purple and of scarlet, greens and blues,
Blended so deftly evening may despair
To paint a hilltop or a sky so fair...
~John Vance Cheney, "The Redwoods Fairy," 1893–1911

There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks.

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In doing so, Green uses figurative language and strong diction to help garner an emotional appeal, as well as establish a tone of empowerment.
Throughout his speech, Green makes emotion appeals to help bring the African American people to fight in the war.

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With a background of melancholia, isolation or anguish Tennyson conveys themes of half-life and death-in-life by the use of uses imagery, symbolism and figures of speech....

From thrilling to just suspenseful scenes, Alfred Hitchcock explores different techniques to ensure that he captures the audience's attention.
23/2/2014 · Just one month into the Civil War, Alfred M

Alfred Green Alfred Green In his speech, Alfred M

Green delivered a speech, in Philadelphia in 1861, directed towards his fellow African Americans

influential African Americans during the Civil War - The Alfred M

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