Who’s to say what is morally right or wrong.

But a person doing things right do not care about things, be it legal or illegal, he has enough knowledge, experience so that he is able to convert his things rightly.

No, Mookie did not do the right thing.

took office, doing the “right thing” was the way he planned to navigate his political career.

I don’t feel that anybody did the right thing.

What this brings us back to is the understanding that the quality and act of leadership must be distributed throughout society. We are each of us leaders in our own spheres of influence. What kind of leader we will be is determined by the quality of our leadership mind. Foremost among the attributes of that mind is the ability to know what is the "right thing" to do. If enough of us know that and practice it under the mentorship and guidance of those who choose to come forward into larger offices of leadership, then it is likely we will have a successful and just and decent society. If not, then we don't have much to look forward to.

Now they enter into the track of doing the things rightly.

All of this reinforces the point that ethics lie at the core of a successful society or organization, and that ethical leadership is one of our greatest continuing needs. It is no coincidence we say a leader is one who does "the right thing." We have seen all too frequently this century the misery and carnage which flow in the wake of unethical leadership. We are seeing today the moral fibre in our own peace-loving society warped and weakened by leaders in high places who do not do the right thing. But sadly they are to a large degree poor products of our own inadequate efforts to place ethical teaching at the centre point of who we are and what we stand for. Self-serving materialism has led us to treat each other and our beautiful planet and its wondrous life forms as objects to be exploited rather than as the living tissue of our own being. In our impassioned pursuit of technology and technique we have forgotten that life comes first.

But in case of people doing things rightly means someone doing the things perfectly.

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So what scares me is not the memes in Western society because I think, if history is any guide, we will eventually come to the right, self-preservational conclusions. But rather the dangerous memes of the Islamists that are so hard to identify and differentiate from the benign. As an example, both Islamists and Westists (sorry, lack of better term) legitimately strive for justice and will fight and die for it, but both mean clash-of-culture, fight-to-the-death different things by that word. Western society needs to somehow root that out without becoming facist itself.

Why You Should Always Do the Right Thing, ..

I write about this meme in movies; the self-loathing and envy of suffering informs characters and narrative in most popular movies. We are almost blinded to it because it is so pervasive. I just saw Man on Fire, which repeats the themes of Last Samurai, of the American military man, doomed emotionally and spiritually because of his unforgivable sin of making war at all.

In spite of the dangers or fears of what may happen, a hero will still do the right thing.

other category who do right things also come from the same...

Part of the answer I think is just plain ignorance: everybody knows Hitler, but go outside that comparison and you require knowledge of history that may be lacking in the speaker and/or the audience. But that didn’t seem satisfying enough of an answer on its own. This post has provided me with what I think is the missing piece: Hitler is the enemy that Soviet mimetic warfare has ALLOWED us to have. Because Hitler went to war against the Soviets, they acknowledge him as evil. He’s the one enemy of the US we don’t have to apologize to, whose motives are unquestionably wrong.

As a good human being its better to do always right things rather then doing things rightly.

You do realize, right, that Caliphate is not supposed to be a utopia?

I believe we spent too little time openly relishing our victory against Marxism-Leninism. I partly blame Bush 41 for tamping down the celebration, but the blame is not entirely his. Victors should loudly – even offensively – wallow in their victory – and loudly and openly mock the defeated failings of an evil enemy. We didn’t do that. So, much of what the enemy was up to remains undiscussed in the public discourse.

They focus on doing things which are considered to be right in others opinion.

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What the dark ages and nazism and stalinism had in common was forceful insistence on belief in official dogma. The substance of that dogma is wholly immaterial. The ability to question beliefs and change them in light of new factual understanding is the cornerstone of any free society. Orwell put it best: “Freedom means the freedom to say two plus two equals four. All else follows from that.”