Aitcheson was my childhood priest and my history teacher

My most precious childhood possession was a tail. My father gave me a dress with a tail when i was four years old. After that i kept this tail. Beacause it’s color is brown with heavy fur, looks so real. I used the tail three times so far for stage programmes. We get always 2nd place, i belive it is really lucky for 2nd place. most of the time i used to love 2nd prize. so……;)

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If I didn’t have a plastic baby when I was five years old, I don’t think my childhood would have been as interesting. That baby was the same height as me; it was like my best friend. I took it everywhere with me and loved it with all my heart. When people came over to my house, I showed them the baby from far away and didn’t let them touch it. It was so precious to me, that baby. That toy that loved is still in India in my old house in the attic. I was able to relive memories when I went to India last summer. Everything was coming back to me when I held that plastic baby in my hands. It did help me with the challenges of separation because I used to be admitted into hospitals every other week when I was young. Whenever the doctor had to inject a needle into my skin, I clutched onto the baby. I see myself giving it to my children one day. I hope they never have to go through the feeling of being lonely throughout their childhood. I was a baby filled with happiness and I believe that baby was the reason behind it.

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As I look back at my childhood, I think of many friends playing with many different dolls and toys. Yet, I don’t remember me playing with a different toy every day or getting excited about a brand new doll. I remember having that one doll that I couldn’t live without, Rosy. I went everywhere with her, she was the reason I felt safe. I fed her, put her to sleep, she was like my little baby and being an only child my whole life, she kept me company. When I was about nine, I came to the United States from Cuba, I brought her, but I never really played with her or anything anymore. I don’t really know why, but It’s like I grew up and she was not needed as much as before. Right now, I’m not really attached to anything like I was to Rosy, and I hope that my children one day can love her as much as I did.

No spot on earth, however, has yet surpassed the beauty of my childhood paradise, a place my family called Tamarack.
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These days, I have a bit more on my plate than just toys, lunches and bullies. It is surreal to one day wake-up and realize that the easiest part of life is over. Sure there are more fun things to do now, but they come with a world of responsibilities, and that is somewhat hard to adjust to. I’m starting to realize more and more about life every day. I’m glad that I have started to learn more and expand my horizons with respect to the school environment. New ideas and thoughts are constantly running through my head. The time during my run, I use to analyze and strategize my next moves in life. I’ve realized that the military is the best option for me in life right now. Not to get too political, but I believe myself to be a patriot and am ready to take any risk to guard the safety and security of our land. I try not to get myself involved too much in politics, because as I understand it, almost every war that the U.S. entered in the past, whether it was humane or not (war is never humane), had led it to victory. So, getting involved with any political climate right now, I think would be counterintuitive to what I want to make for myself. Our military has made it very easy to have a stable career, and I feel that to have a family in the future, a stable career is what is necessary for a normal American home. I guess this is where my current crossroads intersect. I have opted to go the military path and am waiting to see where it will take me. Of course it will be much more difficult than childhood, but at least the rewards will be much greater.

This place is meaningful to me because it is part of the county I loved, is part of the county where I grew up and is part of my childhood.

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I don’t remember an object from my childhood because I usually didn’t like to play with toys. I always love to play soccer and all the time I had a soccer ball with me. I remember when I was young, sometimes I couldn’t take my soccer ball to school and I made a paper soccer ball with tape and I played with it. That was my object, a soccer ball, and I always took it with me in a backpack wherever I went. I didn’t think the soccer ball was a transitional object because years later I forgot about it and started to think different. Now I always have a gold chain that my mother gave me and I take care of it because I always think of her.

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I think is important have something that reminds you who you are or where you come from. Sometimes people do not have the possibility of have everything in life, but good memories can make you happy and a childhood position can give to a person those good memories.