What is the relationship between rights and responsibilities?

Many a reader who has followed the argu­ment this far may be tempted to remonstrate that it is all well and good to speak of Government's having the responsibility to im­pose taxes and determine expenditures for such "social" purposes as controlling pollu­tion or training the hard-core unemployed, but that the problems are too urgent to wait on the slow course of political processes, that the exercise of social responsibility by busi­nessmen is a quicker and surer way to solve pressing current problems.

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What would Lateefah's life be like, if she did not take personal responsibility for changing it?

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The purpose of this essay is to research the notion of CSR and uncover its true framework and outline what social responsibility truly means to corporate organisations, and whether it should be seriously considered to be a legitimate addition to the corporate framework of a...

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A question that has been debated for the past few decades is; is it corporately viable to introduce social responsibility as a proposed addition to the work ethic of business organisations.

Write an essay about the relationship between your age and level of responsibility.

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To be intelligent about living responsibility, we must know our boundaries. There are cases in which we really are powerless to achieve the results we want. What we must do is evaluate what aspect of the situation we have control over, act on that part and let go of the rest.

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Have your students visit this website and click on There they will find opportunities to become involved in activities and issues relating to personal and social responsibility.

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Example II: In personal relationships, people who are most fulfilled go beyond saying, “I want … ” They ask, “What am I willing to do to get what I want?” They pay attention to the quality of the time they spend with their spouses, children and friends. They notice whether or not communication is clear, acknowledge their own feelings, are sensitive to the feelings of others, face conflicts and deal with them.

In what ways can/do young people demonstrate personal responsibility?

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In each of these–and many similar–cases, there is a strong temptation to rationalize these actions as an exercise of "social responsibility." In the present climate of opinion, with its wide spread aversion to "capitalism," "profits," the "soulless corporation" and so on, this is one way for a corporation to generate goodwill as a by-product of expenditures that are entirely justified in its own self-interest.

After the role play, have the class analyze what each person did to accomplish his/her objective.

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TWENTY-YEARS AGO, Dwight Macdonald published a series of articles in on the responsibility of peoples and, specifically, the responsibility of intellectuals. I read them as an undergraduate, in the years just after the war, and had occasion to read them again a few months ago. They seem to me to have lost none of their power or persuasiveness. Macdonald is concerned with the question of war guilt. He asks the question: To what extent were the German or Japanese people responsible for the atrocities committed by their governments? And, quite properly, he turns the question back to us: To what extent are the British or American people responsible for the vicious terror bombings of civilians, perfected as a technique of warfare by the Western democracies and reaching their culmination in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, surely among the most unspeakable crimes in history. To an undergraduate in 1945-46—to anyone whose political and moral consciousness had been formed by the horrors of the 1930s, by the war in Ethiopia, the Russian purge, the “China Incident,” the Spanish Civil War, the Nazi atrocities, the Western reaction to these events and, in part, complicity in them—these questions had particular significance and poignancy.

What general principles or guidelines can be drawn from this incident about responsibility?

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As a person, he may have many other responsibilities that he rec­ognizes or assumes voluntarily–to his family, his conscience, his feelings of charity, his church, his clubs, his city, his country.