The last thing they want to talk about is politics!

One reason for Bettelheim's conclusion (a theoretical reason -- I say nothing of the political reason) may lie in his treatment of the distinction between the legal and real appropriation of the means of production.

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John Lewis is a pure spirit; he prefers not to talk about such concrete things as politics.

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In the form in which it was put forward and used, both theoretically and politically, the concept of the "personality cult" was not simply the name of something: it did not satisfy itself with simply pointing out the (the "abuses", the "violations of Soviet legality").

An Essay on Criticism: Summary & Analysis ..

philosophical text which John Lewis has right in front of him, that the concept of the "personality cult" was a concept which "", that it had no value in terms of knowledge, that it explained nothing and left us in the dark.

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According to the state of affairs, these classes will either defend their power or, if they have lost power, they will try to regain it, using among other things the arguments of such-and-such a philosophy: that which serves them best politically and ideologically, even if it comes out of the depths of history.

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Even speculative ideologies, even philosophies which content themselves with "", are in fact active and practical: their (hidden) goal is to act on the world, on all the social practices, on their domains and their "hierarchy" -- even if only in order to "place them under a spell", to sanctify or modify them, in order to preserve or reform "the existing state of things" against social, political and ideological revolutions or the ideological repercussions of the great scientific discoveries.

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Before the Twentieth Congress it was actually not possible for a Communist philosopher, certainly in France, to publish texts which would be (at least to some extent) relevant to politics, which would be something other than a pragmatist commentary on consecrated formulae.

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It would however be an extremely serious political mistake, for example, to claim to judge and condemn -- on account of an adjective ("human") -- something like the
slogan "", a slogan under which the Czech masses let everyone know -- even if the form was sometimes confused -- about their class and national grievances and aspirations.

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Having said that, we must add that it is important not to mix things up which, politically speaking, ought not to be confused, things which are quite different from one another.

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Keeping things , that is to say, respecting essential distinctions, but nevertheless going beyond the most obvious phenomena -- which are, in spite of their extremely serious character, historically secondary: I mean those which are generally grouped together in Communist Parties under the heading "personality cult" and "dogmatism" -- the Stalinian deviation can be considered as (a , converted by the state of the world class struggle, the existence of a single socialist State, and the State power held by the Bolshevik Party) of the : as a revival of its main tendency.