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1869 that, impressed with the degree in which, even during the last twenty years, when the world seemed so wholly occupied with other matters, the socialist ideas of speculative thinkers had spread among the workers in every civilised country, Mr. Mill formed the design of writing a book on Socialism. Convinced that the inevitable tendencies of modern society must be to bring the questions involved in it always more and more to the front, he thought it of great practical consequence that they should be thoroughly and impartially considered, and the lines pointed out by which the best speculatively-tested theories might, without prolongation of suffering on the one hand, or unnecessary disturbance on the other, be applied to the existing order of things. He therefore planned a work which should go exhaustively through the whole subject, point by point; and the four chapters now printed are the first rough drafts thrown down towards the foundation of that work. These chapters might not, when the work came to be completely written out and then re-written, according to the author’s habit, have appeared in the present order; they might have been incorporated into different parts of the work. It has not been without hesitation that I have yielded to the urgent wish of the editor of this Review to give these chapters to the world; but I have complied with his request because, while they appear to me to possess great intrinsic value as well as special application to the problems now forcing themselves on public attention, they will not, I believe, detract even from the mere literary reputation of their author, but will rather form an example of the patient labour with which good work is done.

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An outstanding essay is something written well on the subject matter. You can write an essay on any topic and you have the option to include whatever information essential to the main idea. You need a strong thesis statement for your topic and the ability to provide the proof necessary for compelling information. Aside from including important details, how your essay is presented and structured will make a difference in how readers view your concept.

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You are better off waiting until you have time to devote to the project. There are times when rushing to get something done can work out in the end. This is not always the case with an essay. You should review what your essay needs and understand the importance of your topic. Rushing may lead to making more mistakes or missing valuable information during research that could make a difference in your final draft. When you are not able to sit down for the entire time to write your paper, you can break up the essay into smaller tasks with an outline. Rushing may create yourself more work if you don’t take time to do it correctly the first time around.

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of Political Economy have left two sorts of disciples: those who have inherited their methods, and those who have stopped short at their phrases; those who have carried on the work of the masters, and those who think that the masters have left them no work to do. The former follow the example of their teachers in endeavouring to discern what principles are applicable to a particular case, by analysing its circumstances; the latter believe themselves to be provided with a set of catch-words, which they mistake for principles—free-trade, freedom of contract, competition, demand and supply, the wages fund, individual interest, desire of wealth, &c.—which supersede analysis, and are applicable to every variety of cases without the trouble of thought. In the language of Mr. Leslie, himself one of the best living writers on applied political economy—

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Even when you are given a topic to write about, you have some creative control of what you want to discuss. You need to think about writing something that will allow you to use your skills without too much frustration. It can be stressful writing about something that is no interest to you at all. You can make the interesting aspect of your topic the main focal point. As you determine a topic consider what elements can make it a great read. You can brainstorm, use a newspaper, go online or read some articles to get ideas. You can also view example essays online through academic paper databases.

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