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Repeatedly, Azoulay asks her readers to project themselves into thescenes of photographs, to notice the power dynamics at play, to identifythe participants, and to view the outcomes not as inevitable but as onepossibility among many. Looking at photographs this way, Azoulay thinks,can loosen events from their seeming inevitability and reveal thathistory didn’t have to proceed the way it did. Things could have beendifferent. Viewing a photograph becomes a kind of reanimation: the stillphotograph begins to move, and though this motion cannot eraseinequality, it can trouble oppression that might otherwise seemintractable. Azoulay understands that actions in the past areirreversible, yet she insists that photography introduces a kind ofmalleability, the potential for change. “The photograph is out there, anobject in the world,” she writes, “and anyone, always (at least inprinciple), can pull at one of its threads and trace it in such a way asto reopen the image and renegotiate what it shows, possibly evencompletely overturning what was seen in it before.”

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If you are using the web for a comprehensive historical analysis of advertising, you will likely face a significant problem. Ads on the web are usually separated from the editorial matter and the other advertisements that surrounded them. For example, in the Model Interpretation that follows, a researcher examining a print ad in an issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal could compare its themes with the short stories in the same magazine, could judge whether its style differed from other soap and beauty ads in the issue, and could evaluate its impact by considering its size and location in the magazine. Some sites (such as the online collections of Duke University's Digital Scriptorium, and ) provide information about the placement and production of the images they feature, but others present ads without captions about the media they appeared in, their size, the date of their appearance, etc.

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Specific visual formats require specific approaches to visual understanding. The include media-specific techniques and resources to help students to use the information contained in various types of images, to analyze that information, and to use those types of images to build their visual communication skills.

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