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In Annie Dillard’s Essay “Seeing” she describes her beliefs about how people become aware of their knowledge and how the proper perception can provide someone with a greater understanding and appreciation of the world we live in....

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Flynn,Elizabeth Gurley. . New York: NewCentury Publishers, 1953. This pamphlet contains the text of the statementsmade by thirteen Communist leaders, on February 2-3, 1953, before beingsentenced by Judge Edward J. Dimock, after a nine-months’ trial, in the FederalCourt at Foley Square, New York.

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Schindler,John. “Weisband.” Paper presented at Symposium on Cryptologic History. MaritimeInstitute, Maryland, 2003. Emphasizes the extensive damage William Weisband didto U.S. cryptologic activities in the late 1940s with particular attention tothe evidence that his information allowed the Soviets to stop American breaksinto major military cipher systems in the late 1940s and block the NSA fromlearning of the Soviet buildup of North Korean military forces prior to theSouth Korean invasion in 1950.

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Walls,Jeannette. “Times Scared by Red Scare.” 26, no. 13(29 March 1993). Says the New York Times had information to discredit HarveyMatusow but suppressed it.

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Radosh,Ronald. “The Legacy of the Anti-Communist Liberal Intellectuals.” 67, no. 4 (October 2000). “So many decades later, it istime to set the record straight, and to rescue the thought and the effort theseintellectuals made in a dark and troubled time. Not everything they wrote wascorrect; some of their observations and bromides were way off base. But as agroup, they avoided the trap Joe McCarthy had tried to set for them–that ofgetting them to defend the innocence of actual Communists because he hadtargeted liberals among his enemies. Now that the legitimacy of theiropposition to Communism has been affirmed by historical events, it is time tostop confusing their anti-Communism with support of McCarthyism.”

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Fischer,Nick. “The Savage Within: Anti-Communism, Anti-Democracy and Authoritarianismin the United States and Australia, 1917 - 1935.” Ph.D. diss. MonashUniversity, Australia, 2002. Argues that anti-communism was a manufacturedsentiment that drove the development of internal security and intelligencebureaucracies in both nations, provided the rationale for mass surveillance ofcivilian populations and other forms of authoritarianism and conservativesocial conformity that has alienated citizens from democracy.

Nelson,Joseph Bruce. “Maritime Unionism and Working-Class Consciousness in the 1930s.”Ph.D. diss. University of California, Berkeley, 1982.

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I think that sense of restlessness and yearning for something more meaningful in our lives happens to all of us at some point. More often than not it’s in our forties and fifties, but for some people it may happen later. And for others that time may even be in their thirties.

Film, as with all other forms of cultural expression, oftentimes reflects and provides commentary on the society in which it is produced.

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Facing the publicly known and proclamated appeals for further prosperity, scepticism is being survived so deeply that a homogenous human effort, activity of every individual has not been able to influence the course of history or even effect the great macroscopic processes....

Calomiris,Angela.  Philadelphia:Lippincott, 1950. Memoir by a longtime FBI informant in the Communist party.

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Albion,Alexis. “Ordinary Spies and Extraordinary Human Beings: Politics and Culture inthe Spy Stories of the 1960s.” Paper presented atSociety for Historians of American Foreign Relations AnnualMeeting, 2002.