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In order to escape the gradual death of these diseases, people need to eat organic foods with far greater nutritional quality, than that of highly processed foods.

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In the case of quality organic food and quantitive conventional food, the answer is quantity.

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Nowhere is it mentioned that our topsoil is depleted, water is running short and our food is getting poorer and poorer. Its not just the NPK that feeds a growing plant the nutrients and minerals it needs and passes on to us. This problem needs addressed very soon and the solution is sustainable organic family farming spread like wildfire throughout the land. Rudolph Steiner warned of all of this in his lectures and writings about biodynamic farming way back in the 20's and 30's and was spot on. We've gone a long way astray and it will be a long road back, but its very attainable, education is a mandatory precursor though.

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Hundreds of studies and scientists researching have discovered that there is not a substantial difference between organic and non-organic food, therefore it is a waste of money....

Organic Practices Organic foods are those grown without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, or chemical fertilizers....

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Food Science at UGA is an excellent major for students who like science and want to see practical applications of their knowledge. Students take courses across several disciplines including (1) Biology – to understand the natural processes of fresh plant and animal products as they lose freshness; (2) Chemistry – to determine the quality and quantity of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in our foods when we eat them; (3) Microbiology – to understand the causes of food poisoning; and (4) Math and (5) Engineering – to help develop ways to treat foods, calculate expiration dates, and prevent outbreaks. Food science students apply this knowledge in a series of practical courses that prepare them for careers in the food industry or governmental agencies, tailoring the major into either a Business or Science, Technology, & Engineering emphasis.


Graduates are uniquely qualified for managerial jobs in organizations in the food processing, wholesale, grocery, retail, and specialty food sectors.

The success of Kudler Fine Foods can be attributed to the innovative ideas, effective leadership, and organizational structure.

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4) Organic and the environment
The question of food miles is a food production issue in general, but remember, food miles are only a piece of the picture. As James E. McWilliams points out in an August 2007 opinion piece in The New York Times, “Not only do life cycle analyses offer genuine opportunities for environmentally efficient food product, but they also address several problems inherent in the eat-local philosophy. It is impossible for most of the world to feed itself a diverse and healthy diet through exclusively local food production.”

Ultimately, consumers gain less from nonorganic foods than they could by taking advantage of the full potential of organic foods....

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Coursework covers food preparation and ingredients, the food industry, consumer choices, food theory, sanitation and safety, quantity food production, foodservice management and purchasing, food equipment, kitchen planning, cultural aspects of food and nutrition, food communication, and nutrition. Students apply knowledge about the chemical, physical, and microbiological characteristics of food to the selection, preparation, home processing, storage, and serving of safe food to the consumer.

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Tracing its origins back to the natural and organic food movements

Graduates pursue careers in drug discovery, delivery, and analysis; cost effectiveness of medicine; and in organizations regulating drug affairs (e.g. Food and Drug Administration). The major is strong preparation for further advanced degrees.