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Learn about the cultural, economic, political and social developments that have shaped today’s world through the study of European history from the year 1450 to present.

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Write an interpretive biography of a key figure in European history, evaluating his or her actions and contributions within the historical context in which he or she lived

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Brothers and Sisters of the Common Life Netherlands
Modern Devotion
Men and women lived separately and communally but they were not monks or nuns
Established schools and helped the poor
Taught humility, tolerance, reverence, love of neighbor, and duty
Erasmus was raised by group ART Painting but little sculpture
No Frescoes due to climate
Church was Not A Patron
subjects tended not to be religious
Realistic Portraits were popular (Vermeer and Rembrandt) ART Towns depended on Trade
Wealthy merchants were Patrons
had perspective ART Subjects were Religious
Had sculptures and Frescoes
Church was a Patron Van Eyck Brothers flemish
Did portraits in oil before Michelangelo and da Vinci
Literature Literature Produced the first modern writers known as the humanists
Studied antiquity
Some studied Greek
Often Wrote in Vernacular Both wrote in Latin Dante Alighieri Divine Comedy Wrote in Florentine Italian making the dialect the primary influence on the development of modern Italian Castiglioni The Courtier Described proper behavior for Renaissance Men and Women Machiavelli The Prince Saw the great political failures of the Italian City-States
Admired the rising new monarchies of the time
Book did not discuss morality
Described what effective rulers did to get what they wanted
Church condemned it to the List Of Forbidden Books Leonarado da Vinci
Raphael Sanzio

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