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The concept of PED allows a firm that produces smartphones to determine how to change the price to increase the total revenue. The demand for smartphones produced by a firm is likely to be price elastic due to the large number of substitute brands in the market such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, BlackBerry, etc. Therefore, the firm can decrease the price to increase the total revenue as the quantity demanded will rise by a larger percentage.

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Apple’s technology skyrocketed becoming one of the top technology producing companies.

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So was what Jobs took from Xerox the idea of the mouse? Not quite, because Xerox never owned the idea of the mouse. The PARC researchers got it from the computer scientist Douglas Engelbart, at Stanford Research Institute, fifteen minutes away on the other side of the university campus. Engelbart dreamed up the idea of moving the cursor around the screen with a stand-alone mechanical “animal” back in the mid- nineteen-sixties. His mouse was a bulky, rectangular affair, with what looked like steel roller-skate wheels. If you lined up Engelbart’s mouse, Xerox’s mouse, and Apple’s mouse, you would not see the serial reproduction of an object. You would see the evolution of a concept.

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In the above diagram, the initial total revenue is area A plus area B and the new total revenue is area B plus area C. Area C is the gain in revenue resulting from the increase in the quantity demanded (Q) from Q0 to Q1 and area A is the loss in revenue resulting from the fall in the price (P) from P0 to P1. Since area C is greater than area A, the gain in revenue exceeds the loss and hence the total revenue rises. However, if the firm has no or little excess capacity or if rival firms follow suit in order to avoid losing sales to the first firm, a fall in its price may not lead to an increase in its total revenue. Although the demand for smartphones produced by a firm is likely to be price elastic, it may be price inelastic because the smartphones may have some special features that are not found on other smartphones. For example, Apple’s smartphones have voice recognition and fingerprint-password authentication features which many other smartphones do not include. In this case, the firm can increase the price to increase the total revenue as the quantity demanded will fall by a smaller percentage.

Apple released their ipod in 2001, putting them back in the leadof the technology industry (The History of Apple).
Apple has also seen tragedy with Steven Jobs death of respiratory arrest related to a tumor on October 5, 2011 (“History”).

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Upper management and top officials have kept close to their beliefs for Apple and have been able to push the company further in not only profits, but also product lines.

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I am going to start off by going into a little bit of history about apple and how it has grown over the past 10 years or so, I am also going to talk about some new products from Apple such as Apple TV and the iphone, as well as the name change, and the new direction they have chosen to take with their marketing and what it has helped them accomplish over the past couple of years.

This sample essay discusses products released by Apple in 2015, and vocers things like the new iPhone, iPad, and the less-popular, Apple Pencil.

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The Apple was familiar-looking and approachable. Woz, the engineering genius behind it, later developed the CL 9, the first programmable universal remote control. It featured the keys 0 through F, labelled with the standard Hexadecimal notation so familiar to everyone born with 16 fingers. It enabled you to capture and command 256 different codes spread across 16 invisible "pages." You just had to memorize the page and position of all 256 of those codes and you could control everything! Woz and about three other people were able to make excellent use of the resulting product. Engineering, even genius engineering (and Woz was and is second to none), must be balanced with equally talented design.