Hi Liz,
I want to ask if we have been asked about our opinion in an ielts essay then where should we write our opinion in the body paragraph? Whether it should be written at the end before conclusion?

No. Just state the causes and solutions. As shown in the essay above.

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Hi Liz,
I have taken IELTS exam number of times, and my only weakness is in writing. I have noticed that writing is a subjective test, and you need to have excellent grammar and maturity of ideas. Just like your essay above, you have displayed the good maturity of ideas.

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If this is true then how students should mature themselves in all kinds of essay topics and their in-depth questions without having any research? I am also asking as I face problems while writing within the time limit good maturity of ideas on that particular topic of the essay.

Teachers seem to have spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or even an essay on any of your wishes.

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Hello there Liz, I think this is a discussion essay so my question is, can I freely give my opinion on what side I am for as a conclusion even though it wasn’t asked? Thank you. =)

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Hi Liz!
I hope you will be fine. I wanna ask, we should use connectors like firstly, secondly, on the other hand etc. in start of the paragraph or use between the paragraphs in an essay.
And we should make four or five paragraphs while writing an essay.

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I am going to write the exam on the 29th of august,I always loose my writing…but fortunately, I could go through your site and pick some tips…your sample essays,video lessons (discussion and opinion essays) particularly very helpful.I am bit nervous still….
I will let you know the result….
You are a wonderful teacher…God bless you!
Many Thanks

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I have recently got the results of my IELTS test and I’m very happy about it. In the past, my problem was with writing task 1 & 2. Your suggestions and model essays & reports helped a lot. Indeed, my writing score increased from 6.5 to 8. I’m now ready to obtain a permanent Australian VISA and to live my dream. Thanks for your time and all the free and high-quality material that you have prepared and shared with us. I’m very grateful for your effort and work.
All the best,

I was practising general IELTS writing task 2. I wrote an essay for below topic.

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Hi Liz, I really find your lessons extremely helpful.
I want to ask do I need a title for my essay? Will it affect my band score if I had/ didn’t have one?

You can take ideas for essays but that’s all. You can’t memorise an essay to use in the test.

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In this essay I will evaluate the rhetorical effectiveness of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous speech and show that his speech is a successful argument for the United States of America.

Hi LizIn an advantage/ disadvantage essay, should I always say which is best in my conclusion?

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Your videos are very helpful to me, and I’m still studying some of the essay lessons. I’m practising my writing task 2 and I have realise that I am not sure when to use can and could, shall and should, and will and would. Is there any rules of when to use these words. I hope to hear from you.