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As the amount of performance enhancing steroids increases in professional sports, many athletes are gaining an unfair advantage over their competition....

The use of steroids is an unfair training method for sports.

Steroids in professional sports has became a major issue and has yet to be justified.

Read the case study titled “Steroids in Baseball,” on pp.

Tony Larussa stated, “By having random drug tests, it would make the game of baseball true once again.” Steroids are ruining the game of baseball, and the commissioners need to decide on something soon....

Steroids are obviously the most well known drug in sports....

Steroids help athletes perform better, run faster and increase their capacity for endurance (ArticlesBase 1).” Physiological benefits of steroids include enhancing the growth of the muscles by increasing protein synthesis, contributing to metabolic activities and regulation of sex hormones and...

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Steroids can also increase the process of male baldness specifically in predisposed users. Because the natural testosterone of human body is not required when anabolic steroids are used, the body halts generating its own testosterone supply which results in testicles shrinking. Abuse of steroids can result in the significant rise of blood pressure due to their overall ability to increase red blood cell count. The steroids users are more exposed to ‘Roid Rage’ or increased aggression. Evidence suggests that abuse of anabolic steroids significantly increase aggressive and violent behavior among some users.

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Jeff Long has written several articles for Baseball Prospectus, ,,, and especially , in which he has done some analysis using the concept of useful spin.

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Some side affects of steroids are baldness, high blood pressure, lowered sex drive, acne, nosebleeds, liver disease, kidney disease, and many more (Williams, Drugs and Athletic Performance, pg....

Steroids in Baseball: The Future of Baseball It was a warm, sultry night in September.

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They admit that steroid and supplement use enhances natural athletic ability and endurance and, thus, promotes athletes to perform better in competition.

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