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. A California elementary school is facing a possible lawsuit after a teacher allegedly confiscated a six-year-old child's Christmas candy canes and told him "Jesus is not allowed in school." Last December,Isaiah Martinez brought his first grade classmates at Merced Elementary School candy canes. Attached to each treat was a messageexplaining the religious legend surround the candies. The legend references a candy maker who created the candy cane to symbolize the life of Christ.

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. Mrs. Claus is now a mister in a newgay-themed Christmas storybook for children that has CNN and the rest of the Mainstream Media all aflutter. "Santa'sHusband" tells the story of a black Kris Kringle and his white husband living in holy matrimony at the North Pole. Idon't mean to curdle your egg nog, but the storybook was written for children as young as four-years-old.

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. Can you imagine going through life as thismuch of a Scrooge? Picture sending someone a Christmas (oops, that's probably patriarchal), I mean a "holiday" cardthat says in cute script: "All I want this year is Trump Impeached." It's all encircled by a nifty, clip-artdrawing of a Christmas wreath. Here's the theme: "Those who spend their days in collective struggle for equalitysee the holidays as a time to send cards with a social-justice bent." Wanna bet they send one to their psychiatrist? This is an actual quote that would send most English teachers into retirement: [...]

Ben stein essay on christmas

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. Liberal progressive Democrats in Northern Californiareally hate it when you say Merry Christmas. So much so that an atheist liberal thug attacked a Salvation Army bellring. His reason? Because the bell ringer said Merry Christmas. This is Northern California in anutshell. As bad as Southern California is with Los Angeles, we aren't nearly as bad, or as violent as the extremistleftists in Northern California cities like San Francisco, San Jose or Sacramento. That's Pelosiville.

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. Black Lives Matter is calling for a racistboycott of "white capitalism" this Christmas, saying on its website this means spending no money with any white-owned business.

Ben stein essay on christmas

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. Every year, atheist groups invest time and moneyto convey their belief that there is no God, that no Christ-child ever existed in a manger like inthat nativity scene (a beautiful representation of hope and life that is apparently an eyesore tothem), and that the premise of Christmas is altogether false. This year, we got to see atheists'appeal via billboards in Nashville, for example, in an effort to convert the "in-the-closet atheistswho are pressured to observe religious traditions during the holidays."

Ben stein essay on christmas

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. Al-Qaeda and ISIS have encouragedattacks on Christmas Day and at Christmas-themed events to take advantage of vulnerable crowds and to strike at the heart of a Christianholiday. [...] ISIS, whose recruitment propaganda stresses the evil of "crusader" influences including holidays and declares it forbiddenfor Muslims to so much as receive a Christmas card, has stressed Christmas is a welcome target because of the fact that it's Christian.

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. There's no mistaking President Donald Trump's 'Merry Christmas' message — he wields it as a weapon against political correctness. For weeks, he's been liberally sprinkling his public remarks with Christmas tidings. And then pointing it out in case anyone fails to notice. Trump has long promised that this year would be different after what he saw as a trend toward giving the Christian celebration short shrift in favor of a more generic and inclusive 'happy holidays' message.