In fact, space exploration has already benefited us in many ways.

Just because miniaturization of rockets was developed partially by nuclear warfare that does not meant that nuclear warfare should not continue, and many have this outlook on space exploration.

Through space exploration, we may be able to find new energy sources.

Many of us don't understand all of the benefits that come along with space exploration.

Thus space exploration has the potential to drive innovation.

What Morton and others who hold with his views fail to
take into account, however, are the vast benefits that we
have already realized from space exploration.

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Space exploration is discovery and exploration of outer space using space technologies. The physical space exploration is made both via manned space flights and automated spacecraft.

However, space exploration benefits us in much greater detail than what it may appear....

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The challenge of space exploration drives a continuing effort to design ever more capable, reliable, and efficient systems requiring the utmost ingenuity.

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Space exploration invokes the interest of many

Space exploration is an important expenditure for the high cost because of the potential for numerous benefits such as the possibility to find useful resources to cultivate, space exploration and satellites produce many thousands of jobs in our economy, and it creates and discovers newer and better technologies through research and development....

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Use free sample research papers on the topic to understand that the technical space exploration had been preceded by the development of astronomy and the creation of large and relatively effective missiles in the early XX century. Space exploration was one of the areas of competition between the USSR and the United States during the Cold War. The beginning of the era of space exploration can be seen as the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, launched by the Soviet Union October 4, 1957, when the Soviet space program was on the front lines.

Space exploration satisfies the human desire of adventure and accomplishment.

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Critics will remain negative

The Benefits of Space Exploration
There are critics from many corners who condemn the
amounts of money spent in the pursuit of space.

Space exploration has lead to the creation of many life changing technologies.

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Some say
there is no need to “waste” money playing around in space
when there are so many people right here on earth who need
help and could better use that money that now goes for space
exploration and experimentation.

Public interest can serve as the determinant in judging the suitability of space exploration.

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The early history of space exploration dates back to March 23, 1881, Mykolaj Ivanovych Kybalchych, while imprisoned, put forward the idea of a missile flying machine with oscillating combustion chamber for thrust vector control. A few days before his execuion Kybalchych developed the original project of aircraft capable of making space flights. His request for transfer of the manuscript to the Academy of Sciences was not satisfied with the investigation Commission, the draft was first published in 1918, in the magazine Byloe (The Past), № 4-5.