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In late May of this year, a few weeks shy of her fiftieth birthday, my youngest sister, Tiffany, committed suicide. She was living in a room in a beat-up house on the hard side of Somerville, Massachusetts, and had been dead, the coroner guessed, for at least five days before her door was battered down. I was given the news over a white courtesy phone while at the Dallas airport. Then, because my plane to Baton Rouge was boarding and I wasn’t sure what else to do, I got on it. The following morning, I boarded another plane, this one to Atlanta, and the day after that I flew to Nashville, thinking all the while about my ever-shrinking family. A person expects his parents to die. But a sibling? I felt I’d lost the identity I’d enjoyed since 1968, when my younger brother was born.

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Use birthday wishes for sister-in-law when you're not sure what words to choose for her card or to add to an email or even a gift and make her smile and feel good with the one you choose.

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Sneha Ayyagari is a junior at Coppell High School in Coppell, TX. Using the money earned from the A Voice for the Animals Essay contest and birthday money, Sneha and her sister Raga founded the Louie Foundation in loving memory of their dog Louie, a rescued puppy mill survivor whose resilience in the face of physical and emotional challenges greatly inspired them. As a testament to Louie and countless other animals and children without a voice, the Louie Foundation works to shed light on issues related to the welfare of animals, wildlife and children by supporting organizations dedicated to these causes through fund raising, volunteerism, and education. The organization’s current project Kitabu for Kids has raised enough money to provide hundreds of textbooks for children in need in Tanzania. The Louie Foundation has made a tangible difference in the world, granting a voice to the voiceless.

It was a special day for my sister because today was her seventh birthday.
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Yesterday was my 11th birthday. My mother promised to give me a birthday party. Early in the morning, my mother, my sister and I woke up to prepare for the party.

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