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So, one tiny bit of opposition to a culture that sends all the wrong messages to our girls. One tiny nudge towards valuing female brains. One brief moment of intentional role modeling. Will my few minutes with Maya change our multibillion dollar beauty industry, reality shows that demean women, our celebrity-manic culture? No. But I did change Maya’s perspective for at least that evening.

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Thank you for this fresh perspective and an important message. I did not grow up with pink or barbie dolls and I do not expose my daughter to these things intentionally, but of course it’s there. My daughter enjoys dressing up and I cannot help gushing when she puts on a pretty outfit regardless of how well coordinated it looks. Sometimes she is breath-taking and sometimes she combines several patterns at once. But I do celebrate her enthusiasm for looking pretty as much as I celebrate her wonderful drawings, kicking of a soccer ball, or climbing up a tree dirtying her new dress (yay thrift stores). It is important to emphasize brains, creativity, athleticism, social responsibility, but also feeling beautiful on the inside and out. Thank you again for a great story!

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As great as the message that you’re sending is, I think it is also important to let children-not just girls-know how pretty/handsome they are, because even with brains being valued over beauty, one day they’ll be around their peers that value beauty over brains and they will start to compare themselves to others, just like their peers, on the same societal images of beauty, just like their peers. So yes, we should make sure to engage them in conversations about more important things than looks, but we should also not completely disregard the idea of complimenting them on their looks either.

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This is a fabulous article. As a young adult watching my many siblings grow up, I agree with much that was said.
However, as many people have already touched on, I think it is about balance. I was always praised for intelligence, and I still have trouble believing I am beautiful, embracing my femininity, and being “girly.”
If a girl is only conversed with about her mind, beauty will be harder for her to see in herself. The same is true of a girl who’s beauty is the only thing recognized.
Balance is, I believe, an important thing to consider.

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I see you are coming from a good place and to each their own, but to me … this is just sad
I actually agree with article 100% about finding other things to say to little girls BEFORE talking about them being pretty/beautiful, and I tell my daughter regularly that she has done well at xyz, is clever, is brave, thoughtful etc etc when she has been, or is being. But to not tell your daughter that she IS PRETTY when she so obviously wanted to hear you say it? What would of been the harm in that? Maybe explain to her about princesses and princes and kings and queens and teach her some things along the way, but heck if my daughter wonders whether I THINK SHE IS PRETTY … yes I do, and I will tell her I think she is pretty. I will tell her this, whilst we talk about being kind, compassionate , truthful , etc, all qualities that you can have whether you would be deemed outwardly pretty in a ‘conventional’ way or not, and how important those qualities are aswell.

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Either I am really ugly, or the discord created by your looks has a lot more to do with your personality than your actual looks. I have never in my life been hated for the way i look nor have i ever seen anyone who has been hated for the way they look, and I live in LA, i know a TON of “pretty” people. People do not hate each other unless the hated person has given them a reason to do so. From what I see in your writing, you seem incredibly vain. That is probably what created discord, not your physical appearance. The bragging about your intelligence, the bragging about your looks as if your “beauty” was an absolute truth. Your saying that you are incredibly good looking even though in your youth, no one ever told you that…if no one told you that then how do you know it is true? You are just assuming. Plenty of unattractive people think they are good looking, and those kinds of people are easy to hate. people with a realistic view on themselves and a little modesty, are not.