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Lipset, Seymour. (1990). North American cultures: Values and institutions in Canada and theUnited States. Orono, ME: Borderlands Project of the Canadian-American Center, University ofMaine.

Chapter 7: Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: Repairing the Relationship

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The fourth Canadian edition of Social Problems in a Diverse Society focuses on the significance of racialization and ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, class, ability, and gender in understanding social problems in Canada and around the globe. Throughout the text, people - especially those from marginalized groups—are shown not merely as "victims" of social problems, but also as individual actors with agency who resist discrimination and inequality and seek to bring about change in families, schools, workplaces, and the larger society.

Unfortunately, such acts of rampage have become a prevalent factor in the Canadian culture.

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In general, Windsor respondents present a consistent pattern of response in that those who viewa higher percentage of U.S.-produced television programming exhibit a more favourable attitudetoward TV programming, believe that Canada is culturally less unique, believe that Canadian cultureis less worth preserving, and are less conscious of the potential for television to undermineculture and interpersonal relations (see Table 1). Buffalo respondents who watch a higherpercentage of U.S.-produced television programming also demonstrated a lowered consciousnessconcerning the potential harmful effect of television upon culture and interpersonal relations (seeTable 1).

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Canadian heavy viewers of U.S.-produced television seemed particularly unconscious of Canadianculture and of television's potential harm to inter-personal relations. These viewers may be eitherconsciously attempting to become more "American" through their viewing habits; or, they may beexhibiting the subconscious acculturating effects of U.S. television viewing.

Part Two Diversities and Difference in Canada: Peoples, Nations, and Minorities

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TOPIA fosters the study of culture in relation to nationality, technology, nature, discourse, gender, race, media and the politics of space. Areas of research relevant to this mandate include: analysis of popular culture, visual and auditory culture, old and new media, and literature; the historical, institutional and aesthetic formation of Canadian and postcolonial culture; indigenous studies; cultural memory, museums, galleries, archives, and the fine arts; environmental cultural studies, including but not limited to urban environments, material cultures, biopolitics, city planning, architecture, landscape, human-animal relations, and posthumanism; technocultural and technoscience studies; global cultural industries; nationalism, multiculturalism, diaspora and the contemporary nation state in the era of global integration. This work is connected by an interdisciplinary concern with the roles played by culture in historical and contemporary social transformation.

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It has become a matter of growing concern for the people of power and influence in Canada to maintain their separate cultural identity and to promote their own cultural norms.

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Self-rated personal values of Canadian and American college student samples in Windsor, Ontario,and Buffalo, NY, are strikingly similar. These similar Canadian-American personal values combinewith similar media behaviour, similar perceptions of values embedded in TV entertainmentprogramming and advertising, and similar ways of rationalizing TV's negative impact on culture andpersonal relations. Both national respondent groups seem to be immersed in similar media-culturalenvironments.