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Reid and several other scientists and engineers, including Michael Faraday, Robert Smirke and John Sylvester, was asked to submit his ideas for how the new building might be properly ventilated.

A Short History of the Great Depression

Black Sunday. The worst


The Federal Reserve System, which Congress established in 1913, is the nation's central bank, authorized to issue the notes that create our . The "Fed" indirectly sets interest rates because it loans money, at a , to commercial banks.

In 1928 and 1929, the Fed raised interest rates to try to curb Wall Street speculation, otherwise known as a "bubble." Economist Brad DeLong believes the Fed "overdid it" and brought on a recession. Moreover, the Fed then sat on its hands: "The Federal Reserve did not use open market operations to keep the money supply from falling.... [a move] approved by the most eminent economists."

There was not yet a "too big to fail" mentality at the public policy level.


The presidential campaign of 1932 was run against the backdrop of the Depression. Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the Democratic nomination and campaigned on a platform of attention to “the forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid.” Hoover continued to insist it was not the government’s job to address the growing social crisis. Roosevelt won in a landslide. He took office on March 4, 1933, with the declaration that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

By  the author of “American-Made” (2008), a history of the Works Progress Administration.

Overproduction and Over-expansion

In 1835, a year after a huge fire that had destroyed both Houses of Parliament, a committee of MPs was established to appoint someone to be in charge of the Ventilation, Warming and Transmission of Sound in a new government building.

Factory owners started to lay off workers

There had been constant complaints about the lack of ventilation in the old building, and several attempts to remedy this had met with very little success.

Canada’s Dependence on a Few Primary Products

To the left of this space was a series of smaller rooms, in which Reid conducted experiments to try to establish the amount of fresh air required for comfort and wellbeing.

In a new book, a Brooklyn couple explore the practical but hard-to-love cuisine of the 1930s.


Economists and historians are still debating the causes of the Great Depression. While we know what happened, we have only theories to explain the reason for the economic collapse. This overview will arm you with knowledge of the political events that may have helped cause the Great Depression.

“Gabriel Over the White House” put a dictator in the Oval Office in 1933. Read our review.

However, his main interest was in chemistry.

The Great Depression and the New Deal - bepress Legal pdfThis essay was written for the forthcoming Cambridge History of Law in Amer- ica Part I describes the economic conditions of the Great Depression and details The New Deal era was the principal watershed in twentieth century AmericanThe Great Depression and the New Deal - Stanford Despite describing the Great Depression with grim words, this economic President Roosevelt s New Deal reshaped the economy and structure of the UnitedHerbert Hoover on the Great Depression and New The stock market crashed on Thursday, October 24, 1929, less than eight months into Herbert Hoover s presidency Most experts, including Hoover, thought theFree new deal Essays and PapersFree new deal papers, essays, and research papers Farmers and the New Deal - The farmers of the Great Depression did benefit from “New Deal” The New

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Late October: number of stocks for sale outnumbers demand

During his presentation to the committee, Reid was questioned about conditions in the temporary House of Commons, which had been hastily built on the site of the destroyed buildings, to the design of Smirke.