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I will look at developmental theories to interpret children’s experiences to in order to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of early childhood.

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There is such a thing as childhood amnesia, in which every child experiences memory loss....

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Studies evaluated the consequences of childhood sexual abuse and revealed that such traumatic experiences can harm the child physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

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Your narration should give a deep insight into the details of the event and the readers must gain some meaning why this specific experience is so remarkable to you. Writing a personal experience essay gives you the freedom of style in composing the essay.

Each person has different childhood experiences, some good and some bad.

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This has been reflected in what can be described as a ‘lively field’ of historical investigation , aiming to give us a wider perspective on the changing conceptions of childhood, and an understanding of the experiences of children through time.

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Illustrating both childhood experiences, David favored Hugh’s one over his own by describing the differences in school activities, vacations, and even living properties....

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Generally Heaney's poems are influenced by animals through his childhood experience, specifically within 'The Early Purges' and 'An Advancement of Learning'.

Many survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) experience negative psychological symptoms (Browne & Finkelhor, 1986; Kendall-Tackett, Williams, L.

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In this excerpt from “The Ecology of a Cracker Childhood”, Ray’s father writes to her when she asked of him to speak about his experience as a person who dealt with his own mental illness.

In the survey a measurement of childhood abuse experiences including emotional, physical and sexual were recorded....

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Like all sexual abuse, behaviors which are regarded to be abusive are varied and numerous. Therefore sibling sexual abuse can include touching, kissing, masturbation, oral sex and penetrative sex. However, perhaps more frequently than found in adult – child sexual abuse, sibling sexual abuse is frequently non – touching. Non - touching sexual abuse may involve introducing a much younger child to pornography, or insisting on watching them in the shower, or telling them to watch them masturbate.


It is true that children of all ages engage in some degree of sexual interaction between themselves, as well as self – exploration. In fact, it is considered that such behavior is healthy and necessary for normal sexual and social development. As siblings are generally close in age and locational proximity, it stands to reason that the opportunity for sexual exploration between siblings is fairly high - and that, if appropriate and based on mutual curiosity, then these activities are not deemed to be harmful or distressing, either in childhood or later in adulthood (Borgis, 2002). For the sexual exploration to be deemed "appropriate" then the interaction is between children of a similar developmental age, where prior knowledge and experience, and physical and emotional development are on a par with each other.

However, the line is crossed from sexual exploration to sexual abuse when sexual activity occurs between siblings where there is a significant difference in developmental age (more than 3 years), or where there is any use of force, tricks or coercion by one of the siblings.

One’s morals and virtues begin developing throughout their childhood, which is why it is important to have a proper childhood experience.

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Recognizing childhood as a social construction guides exploration through themes to a better understanding of multiple childhoods, particularly differences influencing individual perception and experience of childhood....