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The initial years of education are crucial to learning, development and growth, during these first years children’s experiences shape their learning methods and they are able to learn rapidly, for this, early childhood educators must use teaching methods that are suitable for each child....

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The paper will review cognitive development in infants at different stages.

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How should 5-year-olds spend their day? Should taxpayers fund preschool play time? Should 4-year-olds be expected to name the letters of the alphabet? Should they be expected to count to 10 or 20? These questions reflect debates about the purposes and goals of early childhood education. The most influential organization addressing these concerns is the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a professional association representing over 100,000 early childhood professionals. NAEYC’s efforts have shaped how people think about the education of young children both in the United States and abroad (Raines & Johnston, 2003). The organization has influenced policy and practice by publishing position statements and research briefs designed to influence policy and legislation, by developing a gold-standard accreditation system for private and public child care centers and schools, and by providing professional development and literature for the early childhood community.

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- Causes of Delay in Mental Development in Infants Research Paper looks at the cognitive skills the infant has, and then the background of the delay.

Cognitive development implies transformation in the cognitive procedure and skills.

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Research papers on cognitive development begin by studying Piaget's work on . Paper Masters writes research on cognitive development for education and psychology courses and explains on development to students.

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One of the most critical facets of understanding the revolves around the study of the cognitive process. The importance of this is obvious because it is this information that gives insight into the , , , and . Consequently, a thorough understanding of the cognitive process allows parents and educators to better communicate with the child and to assist him or her in the development of skills that are appropriate for the child. The individual that has provided the foundation for the understanding of the cognitive development of children is a French psychologist by the name of . By studying his own children at various ages, he surmised that there are approximately four stages of cognitive development. The second stage, or the occurs between the ages of two and seven. It is this stage that is the focus of this research paper.

- Piaget believed in the unity of cognitive development and physical maturation.

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The second weakness in the empirical support for DAP is inconsistent evidence linking DAP with improved educational outcomes. One challenge facing DAP is its claim that developmental research neatly translates into specific applications. But this is not the case. Most developmental research, especially the work of Piaget, occurred in controlled, laboratory settings that may not transfer to classrooms (Ormrod, 2008; Piaget, 1952). Contemporary clinical research also has limited direct applicability to educational settings. For example, despite the plethora of new information about brain development, relatively little is known about how young children actually learn (Neuman & Roskos, 2005). Thus, laboratory science is insufficient to inform effective classroom practice.

Cognitive development begins from the moment of birth and continues throughout life.

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The core content areas of childhood development will be outlined and defined and developmental support provided to all areas of content will be examined.

- Piaget believed in the unity of cognitive development and physical maturation.

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A common understanding between the two rest on the idea that cognitive development in children occurs through stages, however, their approach in identifying these stages highly differ (in Smith P.K....