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The major difference between creative scholarships and other merit-based awards is in the application process. All scholarships require students to submit their student history, and a record of their academic achievements. When applying for any creative scholarship you will need to be prepared to submit a sample of your work. A portfolio, an audio or video recording or some other representative sample of your artwork will be required for any creative scholarship award for which you wish to be considered. Give your portfolio submission special attention, and make your presentation as professional looking as possible. A couple of snapshots, or a recording of you playing guitar in your bedroom is not enough to win a scholarship. Work hard on your portfolio, and be prepared to submit a slick and well ordered sample of your creative abilities.

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A large part of your time and energy will be devoted to writing scholarship essays. Many scholarship applications require at least one essay and a large number of scholarship reviewers will rely heavily on the essay in choosing a scholarship winner. Most providers are very specific in their length and format requirements, and if you do not adhere to the guidelines, your essay will be disqualified. There are things you can do to write effective scholarship essays that save you time and highlight your strengths as an applicant.

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After deciding what scholarships you want to apply to, you should play to your strengths in constructing your . Everything you put in your application should highlight your strengths as an applicant for that particular scholarship, including supplemental materials. For example, if you need a , ask someone who knows you well and can boast your strengths. Typically, applicants will ask their teachers, coaches, mentors, and other key leaders in their lives, to write their recommendation letters - some scholarship providers specifically prohibit parent or relative recommendation letters, as those can be biased.

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Above all adhere to the guidelines set by the scholarship to which you are applying. If you are asked to write a two page or 2500 word essay submit just that. The review board will be impressed with content not quantity. Remember you are your best asset. Be unique, be positive and speak from the heart.

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Our fall jumpstart scholarship is now accepting applications. You have from now until midnight on October 17th to submit your application. Please use the online application to apply for this award. If you've entered our spring competition we will be notifying all winners in about 30-45 days. Our judges are currently reviewing and scoring all applications.

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Even if you don't consider yourself a particularly strong writer, you can if you put in the time and effort the task requires. By learning about your audience and what they want (one way to do this is by reading about the scholarship contest's mission and reading previous years' winning essays), you can better tailor your scholarship application to their needs. This will immediately set you apart from the students who didn't bother to figure out exactly where they were submitting their scholarship application. Always be sure to read the rules and requirements thoroughly, as well as the essay questions - answer each part of the question to the best of your ability, using examples, evidence, and supplemental material to strengthen your argument and position in the essay. Not all essays require research or thesis, so if it is more personal, be sure to use examples to further illustrate your ideas and experiences. Beyond that, following other basic guidelines for the process and scholarship essay writing will keep you on track and help you create success in your scholarship search.

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Before you mail anything in, always get a second opinion. If you had to write an essay, have a trusted friend, parent or teacher proofread your work and offer constructive feedback. Also be sure to provide the prompt you were given so they can evaluate your ability to stay on target. As you know by now, focus and clarity are very important to scholarship judges.