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The Common Application essay prompts are . Obviously, if you are moved by one prompt over the other and feel you have a really great idea, then any one of them will work. However, after sifting through thousands of essays, I’ve learned that some prompts have a few special considerations—and potential pitfalls—to keep in mind...

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The 2016–2017 Common Application officially launched on August 1, and, luckily, little has changed since last year. The gender identity question is now more inclusive and the , but students concerned about a new crop of essay prompts can breathe easier, because they haven't changed. So keep reading for a peek at the Common App prompts and tips for choosing the right one for you.

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With nearly 700 colleges and universities now accepting the Common Application—including Harvard, Princeton, and Yale—the question is no longer if you should use the Common Application, but how should you use it. The online process for the Common Application can be tricky, but it’s a whole lot better than applying to each school individually (which is terribly time-consuming and can lead to errors).

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Like all Common App essay prompts, this topic has the potential to reveal a lot about your values, beliefs, and character. But, again, I recommend treading lightly with this prompt, because it's easy to venture into unintentionally off-putting territory. For example, if you write about something politically charged, it might have a negative effect—you just never know. If you choose this prompt and write about an idea or belief you challenged that you would repeat, discuss why you are even more certain of your actions today, showing confidence in your trajectory. If it’s a decision you would not repeat, share what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown.

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