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My college counsellor told me that most admissions officers stop reading after about 500 words anyways (she used to read apps for U of Michigan). Although there was no word limit, I cut mine down from almost 800 words to 400 something words. It was the best thing I could have done to my essay. Even though the longer version later won two writing awards, the shorter one packed more of a punch and was more appropriate for the task at hand, no matter how “elegant” all those extra words might have been.

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In recent years, the Common App did not put an upper limit on students’ essays.

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Regular decision applicant Samuel Kim — a senior at Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley, Calif. — said his essay was about 600 words, as he wasn’t sure whether the new word count limit was a mandate or merely a suggestion.

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Bev Taylor, founder of Ivy Coach, said “there is no reason that students can’t stick to the guidelines.” She added that, despite the fact that the Common App’s current upload mechanism cannot reject essays if they run long, admissions officers can easily determine word count using a program like Microsoft Word.

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Common App Essay: Size Does Matter

I’d recommend others to also start working on shorter essays before tackling the long essay; in the process, you’ll find which topics work better than others.

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500 words is plenty for a college application essay. College admissions officers aren’t just looking for a good story. If you go too far above the word limit, that says something about your ability to state your ideas concisely.

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I’m trying to shorten my common app essays right now, and finding it extremely hard. I feel like 500 is JUST short enough that my voice and best bits of writing get cut out because there’s certain technical information that I need to keep in to have the essay make sense. My main essay is around 660 words now, and although I can cut a few words here and there, I think it’s the best version. The 500 word version just didn’t sound like me anymore, so I think I’m going to risk the extra 150 words to get in my meaning.

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is NO word limit on the main essay on the Common App, ..

My essay fluctuated between 800 and 650 while I was drafting and my final product was 630 words. It took a lot of effort and time to get it down to 498 words but it was worth it. There’s no random fluff stuck to the end of sentences. I had to make sure that every sentence was relevant and important. I know that what I wrote about I could have expanded for pages longer but I also know that was I wrote is an accurate representation of my personal thoughts and reflections, written in a concise, clear manner in my own voice. For the common application that’s what matters.

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The 2017 Length Limit for the Common Application Essay.

Comparing it to my extended essay for the University of Chicago (706 words), my Common App essay is definitely not as well written, nor is it as creative. However, it does everything that it needs to do. Forcing myself to write a short essay was much harder than having free reign, but in the end, it demonstrates economy of language and forced me to carefully consider word choice and the effectiveness of what I was trying to say.

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I wrote an essay too long for Common App.

There are stories compelling enough to keep me reading past 500 words, but after daily reading of 20+ essays of 500 words, the longer ones tend to stand out, so I recommend keeping them as close to the limit as possible. Commenter 1 hit the nail on the head; part of the point of the essay is “can you answer the question, follow the directions, and say something meaningful in the space provided?”