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All CHDV majors are required to take nine CHDV elective courses. We encourage students to take their elective courses across the four areas of Comparative Human Development, given the department's commitment to transdisciplinary scholarship. All CHDV course numbers are labeled to describe the areas in which they are most closely aligned. The four areas are the following:

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This course explores human social behavior from the perspective of a new discipline: evolutionary psychology. In this course we will read and discuss articles in which evolutionary theory has been applied to different aspects of human behavior and social life such as: developmental sex differences, cooperation and altruism, competition and aggression, physical attractiveness and mating strategies, incest avoidance and marriage, sexual coercion, parenting and child abuse, language and cognition, and psychological and personality disorders.

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This is an introductory course in developmental psychology, with a focus on cognitive and social development in infancy through early childhood. Example topics include children's early thinking about number, morality, and social relationships, as well as how early environments inform children's social and cognitive development. Where appropriate, we make links to both philosophical inquiries into the nature of the human mind, and to practical inquiries concerning education and public policy.

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stages of comparative human historical development and to describe ..

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The aim of this class is to introduce undergraduate students to the field of political psychology. Readings pull from across the social sciences with a particular focus on political, social, and cultural psychology; political science and sociology, and are chosen to provide a broad overview of the expansive literature on this topic. Students will engage with the fundamental issues concerning political psychology, and will learn to think through historical and contemporary issues in relation to social change and social stasis with reference to the readings. More specifically, students will learn how to apply class concepts to better understand a broader range of issues concerning how social movements form, grow, and disperse; why people justify unfair or corrupt systems in which they live; police and protester interaction; the psychology of riots; and the psychology of democracies and dictatorships. Each student will write an essay about a particular topic or principle from the trans-disciplinary field of political psychology (e.g. contagion; democratic citizens; worker strikes; processes of social change, etc.) or about a particular contemporary or historical case study (e.g. the 1992 L.A. riots or 2011 U.K. riots; the Arab Spring; the recent women’s march; various social justice movements, etc.)

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