Some definitions from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Kellog points out that "...five or so of the most advanced climate models, developed over a period of many years by top notch teams, have all come to essentially the same conclusion: The global average surface temperature would probably rise by about 2 to 5 K if the greenhouse gas concentration were maintained at double the pre-industrial revolution level" (Kellog, 500).

The issue of climate change respects no border.

They propose policies related to alternative fuels & other factors related to climate change.

"Climate and Environmental Degradation of the Great Lakes." .

The climate change endangers the species, so much so that the animals have become one of the icons that conservationists use to illustrate the threat posed by climate change (The Huffington Post, 2014)....

What data correlations show climate change is accelerated by humans.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) explain that "climate is the 'average weather' over a period ranging from months to thousands or millions of years." NOAA goes on to define Abrupt Climate Change as "a change in the climate (for example, in temperature or precipitation) that takes place over a few decades or less, persists for at least a few decades, and causes substantial disruptions in human and natural systems" (NOAA 1)....

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These maps and related information are from , a report commissioned by the federal government during the George W. Bush administration, and approved by the 13 federal agencies that make up the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

9.7 Conclusion: links between climate change and sustainable ..

The biggest factor in determining future warming is the level of heat-trapping gases emitted by human activities. The two scenarios shown in these maps are the B1 (lower) and A2 (higher) scenarios from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on Emissions Scenarios. None of these scenarios includes implementing policies to limit climate change. Rather, the differences among these scenarios are due to different assumptions about changes in population, rate of adoption of new technologies, economic growth, and other factors.

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In his article, “Is Climate Change Real,” science and political journalist Chris Mooney concludes that skeptics of climate change are influenced by political beliefs and economic interests; moreover, science and politics are interconnected because the government provide funds for scientists to continue their research and use their conclusions to support the po...

Climate Communication Research Fellow, Global Change Institute, The University of Queensland

Nowadays climate change is the biggest problem of the human being

The greenhouse effect and its social aspect are issues which have gathered head in international society. The functioning of the economy and the world as a whole make it seemingly impossible to find a solution. We are so stuck in our ways that it is hard for us to imagine that it is possible to restructure society into a more environmentally friendly form. This perspective has a great deal of truth to it, but it leaves out a very important detail: Society is made up of human individuals who have the capacity to influence each other and be influenced. Although world leaders are more concerned about the economy of their countries than the environment, and people are often blind to the big picture, there is always a means of getting to the heart of society. This means are the young. Those who will continue the fight against climate change and bring new strength, ideas, and educate the future generations.

8) “Overview: The Need for the Best Available Science to Address Global Climate Change Issues”.

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Africa has the world’s lowest CO2 emissions (). Climate change is now recognized as an equity issue because the world’s poorest people, those who contributed least to the atmospheric buildup of greenhouse gases, are the least equipped to deal with the negative impacts of climate change. Wealthier nations that have historically contributed the most to global warming are better able to adapt to the impacts. Addressing disparities between developed and developing countries is integral to the success of global climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In facing the challenges of climate change, the priorities for African countries are:

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Climate change has many environmental impacts on biodiversity, projected future changes are likely to result in changes in the distribution of species and ecosystems, and overall biodiversity loss....