What is coronary artery disease.

I was drawn to medicine by the aura of heroism—by the chance to charge in and solve a dangerous problem. I loved learning how to unravel diagnostic mysteries on the general-medicine ward, and how to deliver babies in the obstetrics unit, and how to stop heart attacks in the cardiology unit. I worked in a DNA virus lab for a time and considered going into infectious diseases. But it was the operating room that really drew me in.

What causes coronary artery disease.

The disease occurs when a waxy substance called plaque builds up inside the coronary artery.

Tell what we know aboutcauses of serious congenital heart disease.

For this disease to occur, as mentioned previously, inside the coronary arteries a waxy substance known as the plaque builds up, resulting in abnormal blood flow to the heart....


Coronary Artery disease usually starts during the earlier years before teens, where the blood vessels and the walls in the heart begin to convey small streaks of fat.

Angina is one of the most common symptoms of the coronary artery disease....

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Building on more than three decades of experience in developing biotechnology medicines for patients with serious illnesses, Amgen is dedicated to addressing important scientific questions to advance care and improve the lives of patients with cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.2 Amgen's research into cardiovascular disease, and potential treatment options, is part of a growing competency at Amgen that utilizes human genetics to identify and validate certain drug targets. Through its own research and development efforts, as well as partnerships, Amgen is building a robust cardiovascular portfolio consisting of several approved and investigational molecules in an effort to address a number of today's important unmet patient needs, such as high cholesterol and heart failure.

option to help prevent coronary artery disease

This disease poses a significant threat to patients because the primary function of the left side of the heart is to provide sufficient oxygenated blood to satisfy the metabolic demands of the body’s cells.

Usually caused by coronary artery disease where a process called atherosclerosis happens.

Risk Factors in Coronary Artery Disease: Conclusion

carcinoid heart disease (trust me; look for thewhite fibrous stuff)
carcinoid heart disease (pulmonic valve, trust me)

Severe coronary artery disease can potentially leaf to Congestive Heart Failure.

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It was observed that if individuals lead a sedentary lifestyle in their childhood, it is very likely to continue into adulthood, where there is an increased risk to develop heart disease (Roetert 2008).

The cause of coronary artery disease is atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries....

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“ Studies indicate that for every 1% elevation in the bad cholesterol there is a 2% increase in risk of heart disease” (A leaflet on heart disease.) Continually it has been proved that a low-fat, high fibre diet rich in unrefined complex carbohydrates helps lower the risk of heart disease and i...