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The bustling city is alive. The stimulation of crowds and traffic generate energy that challenges the human spirit. Perhaps that is why the city dweller reflects the image of an angry, stressed and unfriendly person. The tranquility of the country has appealed to the mind of Man for all of recorded history. The greatest literature of the last three hundred years is replete with images of peace and calm in the country. Contrary to his city cousin the countryman is usually depicted as calm, relaxed and friendly.

Life in the city is challenging. Yes, there are activities galore. Shopping is convenient and the presence of public transportation reduces the demand for private transportation and the accompanying expenses. City life provides all the advantages of modern society including the distractions available in the arts, theater, and other forms of entertainment. But city life carries a heavy price.

Housing and food are expensive. Services, such as transportation, are expensive and almost mandatory. Worst of all, the most expensive component of life in the city is the toll it takes on your body through stress.
Stress is present with every waking moment in the city. The crowds, traffic, tight work schedules never let up. The air is not healthy. The poisons of thousands of vehicles overwhelm what little green life remains to clean the air. Crime is high in most cities. The odds of becoming a victim are high even for simple trips to the local grocery or ATM. Brain and body are continuously bombarded by environmental pollutant that diminish the human spirit. Opportunities to relax are few and short. Stress builds. Quality of life declines..

The city dweller looks forward to a day out of the city. Historically, movement patters have been from the city to the suburbs and later to the country. Escape becomes the order of the day. Each move to the outer boundaries of the urban environment makes life a little more peaceful. The move to the country is the greatest move of all.

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City life vs country life essay

To live city life or country life – this is the choice, that in nowadays is depending of us. 21 century is the time, when we, almost all, have a freedom – where to live,what to eat ,what to do. Same is about place, where you live.

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In ancient times the people mostly lived in Here is your Essay on the City and the Village specially written for School and College Students in Hindi Language: Country life is better than city life.

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Country life vs city life essay

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