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And, unfortunately, oppressed and marginalized populations who are already under the microscope tend to suffer far more from the rise of radical transparency than those who already have privilege. The cost of radical transparency for someone who is gay or black or female is different in Western societies than it is for a straight white male. This is undoubtedly a question of privacy, but we should also look at it through the prism of the culture of fear.

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We've seen this before. When my mother was growing up, her parents heard about terrible things from other parents; their fear was driven by word-of-mouth. When I was growing up, my mother heard about terrible things that happened to kids on the television; her fear was driven by mainstream media. In today's media landscape, fear of terrible things happening to kids is so pervasive that it's hard to avoid it. No wonder parents think that children today are at more risk than ever before even though, by almost every statistical measure, youth are safer today than at any previous point in history.

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This apparent contradiction stems from the messy way in which the culture of fear intersects with the attention economy. Fear spread fast and we haven't found a good antidote.

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When the purchase of the Mann house was announced, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany's foreign minister and likely its next President, declared, “In stormy times like these, we need more than ever cultural anchor points with our most important partner outside of Europe.” Steinmeier was implying that the villa could become an outpost of cosmopolitan thinking as nativism overtakes both America and Europe.

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Yet, fear can also be a tool of control. 9/11 was a traumatic day for many people. In the days that followed, people scrambled to understand what was going on and to get their heads around the potential threat that they faced in their community. This is not the first time that America has felt such confusion and chaos. Read accounts of what happened around the Cuban Missile Crisis and you’ll hear a similar set of fears borne out of uncertainty. But where post-9/11 narratives deviate from the Cuban Missile Crisis concerns how fear was employed by the military-industrial-Congressional complex. In the United States, we’ve been on Orange alert for over a decade now. Fear is used to justify the security theater that we see in our airports. Turn on any news station and your blood will start to boil in short order.

We can boycott toxic news and demand that they stop creating a culture of fear.

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David Kirkpatrick has argued that Facebook's approach to privacy rests on Zuckerberg's belief in radical transparency. I would agree with his assessment. In many instances, Zuckerberg has argued that people are more accountable if they don't hide behind pseudonyms and privacy settings. It's hard to interpret the shift in privacy settings that took place a few years back as anything other than the outing of Facebook users. This is precisely the argument I made at SXSW two years ago when I was given the opportunity to keynote this conference. As I explained back then, just as with other types of outing, there were serious consequences for individuals who were exposed by Facebook. But the question on the table still remains: is society better off when everyone and everything is publicly out in the open?

The idea is that forcing people into the open will force them to behave civilly, where civility is defined in hegemonic terms. We hear this discussed in terms of trolls, as though anonymity and pseudonymity automatically produce meanness and cruelty. Again, as a scholar of youth culture, I find this so infuriating, particularly because most people who are on the receiving end of hate know exactly who the hater is.

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Expressed in terms of Western religion, God is life and Satan is fear. "God" and "Satan" are not antonyms, nor are "life" and "fear" antonyms. "Satan" is one of the definitions of "God"; "fear" is one of the definitions of "life". One of our greatest impediments in life is our trust in antonyms.

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Over the years, countless books have been written about people's inability to do reasonable risk assessment. Freakonomics is probably the most well-known of these books, but I’m still a huge fan of Barry Glassner’s The Culture of Fear.