It is the size of a foot, with white stains, and crested like a cock.

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The thirty-seventh is again Obeth and is again about this lady.

It is a hermeneutic and cryptographic text and much of its encoding has to do with pilgrimage.

488, notes the perversity and peril of vision in this Canto.

In the Innamorato Boiardo demonstrates a new understanding of a positive type of love and of woman. He shows that, unlike Dante’s Beatrice of the Comedy, woman does not have to be deprived of her corporality in order to be a meaningful force in the life of man. Fiordelisa and Bradamante are flesh and blood women and likewise, the Innamorato’s ideal love defines itself in this world, not the heavenly one.

Discusses the presence of Dante (and Galileo) in Paradise Lost.

To write of this pattern in the Tartar carpet's whorls, the words and arguments, the body and the footnotes of this essay likewise, have had in turn to gyre and intertwine, bearing false/true witness to the text.

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Jackson Campbell Boswell (Author of Dante And Ovid)

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Jackson Campbell Boswell is the author of Dante And Ovid ..

Connected with this scene is another, of the theft of the Palladium, the idol of the Virgin Pallas Athena from Troy by Ulysses and Diomedes, Sinon's colleagues who, he now lyingly says, have treacherously turned against him.

Dante and Ovid: Essays in Intertextuality.

Founded in 1880 by Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve, has helped to shape American classical scholarship. Today, the Journal has achieved worldwide recognition as a forum for international exchange among classicists and philologists by publishing original research in classical literature, philology, linguistics, history, society, religion, philosophy, and cultural and material studies. Book review sections are featured in every issue. is open to a wide variety of contemporary and interdisciplinary approaches, including literary interpretation and theory, historical investigation, and textual criticism.

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Dante and ovid essays in intertextuality Bible and quran essays …

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For an interactive look at intertextuality in Dante and Ovid, ..

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He is playing with its doubleness, its intertextuality, to God's text and to Aristotle's.

Margarete’s Innocence and the Guilt of Faust | …

Treats the figure of Ulysses in the Divine Comedy, its classical background, and its subsequent appearances in literature through the twentieth century.