Fugitive Democracy offers enduring insights into many of today's most pressing political predicaments, and introduces a whole new generation of readers to this provocative figure in contemporary political thought.


For years, political powers dictate and establish the rules of governing around the world.

Democracy in America, Part I. by Alexis de Tocqueville

This is why, politically, the argument that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction had more resonance and was crucial to the administration's case for war.

Democracy in America: TOC - University of Virginia

In your opinion, which ancient political practice, protective or developmental republicanism, has had the greatest impact on our liberal democratic practice.

Wimberger, The Anatomy of Postmodern Democratic Destructiveness, October 2017

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Aristotle defines the constitution (politeia) as a way oforganizing the offices of the city-state, particularly the sovereignoffice (III.6.1278b8–10; cf. IV.1.1289a15–18). Theconstitution thus defines the governing body, which takes differentforms: for example, in a democracy it is the people, and in anoligarchy it is a select few (the wealthy or well born). Beforeattempting to distinguish and evaluate various constitutions Aristotleconsiders two questions. First, why does a city-state come into being?He recalls the thesis, defended in Politics I.2, that humanbeings are by nature political animals, who naturally want to livetogether. For a further discussion of this topic, see the followingsupplementary document:

Theories of democracy advocate different ..

Indeed, the idea that empire was un-American, not befitting a New World nation that had transcended the expansive egotism and murderous rivalries that characterized the old world, had a resonant appeal in American politics.

Augustine, The Web, Democracy, and Humanity: Practical Implications of their Convergence, May 2011

, "Democracy, Power, and Justice: Essays in Political Theory.

In general, instrumentalist conceptions of authority make no specialmention of democracy. The instrumental arguments for democracy givesome reason for why one ought to respect the democracy when onedisagrees with its decisions. But there may be many other instrumentalconsiderations that play a role in deciding on the question of whetherone ought to obey. And these instrumental considerations are prettymuch the same whether one is considering obedience to democracy or someother form of rule.

Constitution was designed to seek a balance between the forces of democracy and nationalism.

Legal Right and Social Democracy: Essays in Legal and Political ..

This in itself is political; balancing the concepts of justice or whether peace is a political process because the moral decisions directly influence relationships between the state and society, and these kind of decisions form...

Evolutionary Democracy and the Future of the Middle East, September 2014

Democracy, Power, and Justice: Essays in Political Theory: Brian M

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