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Those in favor of abortion would state that an unwanted fetus could be at risk of birth defects , maternal depression , low birth rates and more (Family Planning Program)....

In this essay I will examine both sides of the abortion issue.

In this case it was not necessarily an abortion in today’s terms, but the same principle is there.

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Persuasive writing, also known as the argument essay, utilizes logic and reason to show that one idea is more legitimate than another idea. It attempts to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action. The argument must always use sound reasoning and solid evidence by stating facts, giving logical reasons, using examples, and quoting experts.

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The function of an argumentative essay is to show that your assertion (opinion, theory, hypothesis) about some phenomenon or phenomena is correct or more truthful than others'.The art of argumentation is not an easy skill to acquire. Many people might think that if one simply has an opinion, one can argue it successfully, and these folks are always surprised when others don't agree with them because their logic seems so correct. Argumentative writing is the act of forming reasons, making inductions, drawing conclusions, and applying them to the case in discussion; the operation of inferring propositions, not known or admitted as true, from facts or principles known, admitted, or proved to be true. It clearly explains the process of your reasoning from the known or assumed to the unknown. Without doing this you do not have an argument, you have only an assertion, an essay that is just your unsubstantiated opinion.

In the past, the availability of abortion would have never been guessed.
A partial birth abortion is the process of removing a fetus from the mother just prior to its birth.

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Newspaper headlines often use the phrase 'the c-word' to pun on other contentious terms beginning with that letter: "the phrase 'the c-word' is sometimes deliberately used to mean something else, while exploiting the intertextuality of the original meaning" (Ruth Wajnryb, 2004); for example 's headline (Andrea Hubert, 2013), in which Moretz compared the c-word in America and the UK: "cunt is a funny word. It's a strong word, sure, but more so in America. In England it's just like any other curse word". The most common example of this is 'Christmas', which, like 'cancer', can be seen as an alternative 'c-word'. The 2001 headline , for example, is about the removal of the word 'Christmas' from secular greetings cards. In the article, Richard Littlejohn asks, rhetorically: "Who, exactly, is offended by the C-word?". He has fun inventing phrases such as "Father C-word", "C-word Eve", and "C-word Day", all attempts to highlight the absurdity of banning the word 'Christmas'. Less festively, he also bemoans the culture of liberalism, 'political correctness', and 'istas' (in other words, his usual targets), asking: "How on earth do you describe these New Scrooges? Difficult, I know. But try the other C-word". As if that wasn't enough, Littlejohn went on to essentially repeat himself two Christmases later, in another article also headlined ("the dreaded C Word [...] Christmas", 2003). Catherine Bennett, in an article also headlined (in , 2003), also criticised the censorship of 'Christmas'. Tim Rider's article (2004) was also about the contentiousness of 'Christmas': "They do not want any mention of what they call the C-Word because they are worried it will offend followers of other faiths" (2004), as was the article (in , 2004) which urged readers to say 'Christmas' despite its controversy. Yet another article, headlined (2004) also concerned the festive season: "Ditch the dreams of a white Christmas", as did Jay Nordlinger's article ("people could not bring themselves to utter the C-word", 2003). used the headline on the front page of its 2013 Christmas gift issue (13/11/2013). After TV presenter Andrew Strauss called Kevin Pietersen a 'cunt', punned that he had been called "charming": "Kevin Pietersen was described live on air by Piers Morgan as "charming". Cricket experts were aghast at the "inappropriate use of the c-word"", in a spoof article headlined (2014).

Medical abortion is the process of taking pills, and surgical abortion implies a surgery to remove the foetus (1).

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In the article, “My Abortion “, by Meaghan Winter explains that some clinics been shut down to end the process of abortion.

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As a concerned American and a pursuant of open-mindedness, I have reached the conclusion that abortion is a such a threat to America's public and private morals that it should be outlawed in all cases except for when the mother's physical health is seriously threatened....