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Andersen had long taught courses in personal finance and, as the child of divorce himself, liked the idea that improving people's money skills could help their marriages....

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Thereare many ways thatchildren can cope with their parent's divorce to prevent long and shorttermeffects on them. There are different programs and counselingcenters thatchildren can get involved in to help them deal with the divorce. Childrenneed to know, that most of the time they themselves didn’t cause theirparentdivorce. Some children think they did cause it though and willbecomereally emotional. In order for this not to happen it is importantthatadults do something about it, and that is were the programs andcounseling canhelp.

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There are other programs out there for both the child and theirparent's. These programs are out there to help both the parent's and child to getthroughthe divorce with out problems. These programs help teach thechild aboutthe divorce and the reasons why it may have occurred. It alsohelps thechild to communicate with their parent's about ways that they can getthroughthe divorce together. These programs are important for parentstoo. They will teach the parents how to act with each other around thechild. These programs also give good information on how to deal with theirchild andtheir child's emotions during the divorce. Parents need to seethat theirchildren are very important when it comes to divorce, so going toprograms andgetting information isn’t a bad idea.

Divorce is an event that happens everyday here in the United States that has impacted more than one million of America’s children....

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Another factor that the majority of researchers pointed out was that marital conflict had serious negative effects that were being underestimated as the effects of divorce were overestimated. “Intense, overtly hostile parental conflict occurring frequently within a marriage predicts childhood psychological problems more strongly than either divorce itself or post-divorce conflict. A high degree of marital conflict undermines the parent-child relationship and impairs effective , thereby indirectly affecting . When marital conflict escalates to between parents, the negative impact on children is pervasive and persistent.”

The impact on a child's life often varies depending on the type of divorce and the age of the child during the divorce.

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Miller: That is an important question. First, pastors and bishops must start preaching against divorce. I had gone my whole 50 years as a Catholic and had never once heard a homily dedicated to the Church’s teaching on divorce, until this past Divine Mercy weekend. My own shepherd, the incredible Bishop Thomas Olmsted, preached on the silent suffering of the children of divorce, and I almost fell off my pew! It’s so very rarely talked about, and that has to change. If Catholics simply studied what Christ and the Church teach on divorce, including its contagious effects, including the chaos and disorder it introduces into families and societies, we would not feel as complacent as we do about the subject. We also need much more support for struggling marriages, including mentoring couples in parishes. Remember, a large percentage of young marrieds today are themselves children of divorce who never saw the model of a successful marriage. They did not see how crosses can be weathered, and that there is hope even in the dark seasons of a relationship. We live in a culture of unrealistic expectations for marriage (life is not a Nicholas Sparks romance!), and we need to present our engaged and married couples with realistic expectations. Sanctification in marriage comes through the crosses we bear, not in spite of them. I’m not sure married couples understand redemptive suffering and the graces that are available for our marriages.

For families, divorce can be a devastating experience that has a major impact when children become involved (Welton, 2014).

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In addition to family counseling, children may need to go to individualcounseling. Children who feel that the divorce was their fault orchildren who don’t know how to handle their emotions may need to see atherapist. Children who go to individual counseling can learn howto dealand cope with their parents divorce on a more personal level. They areable to talk one-on-one with a counselor to find ways that work forthem todeal with the divorce. They can talk about how they feel andlearn thatreally the divorce wasn’t their fault. Some children don’t knowhow todeal with their emotions and that's why it is important to have them gotocounseling because they can't keep their emotions bottled up.

The impact divorce has on a family is more prominent to the children of the family than the parents.

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Many studies dispute the fact that divorces only effects children psychologically, but this paper will focus on other important factors including emotional and behavioural effects along with short and long term effects a parental divorce will have on children.