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I just lost what I thought was a sure bet. For the past two Presidential election cycles, my colleagues and I at ScienceDebate, supported by nearly every major science organization in the country, have asked the candidates to answer a series of questions about science and technology policy, in recognition of the fact that these matters will ultimately present the most important challenges to the next President. The questions range from health to education, energy to the environment, and security to the economy. Two days ago, after receiving responses from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and also from Jill Stein’s, I bet my colleagues fifteen dollars that, for the first time since 2008, one of the two major-party candidates would decline our request. Within an hour after we had made our wager—and who knows whether my colleagues already knew the result and took my money anyway—Donald Trump’s campaign sent in his answers. They were today.

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Trump reveals, in short, that for many evangelicals, the word evangelical that many increasingly do not recognize as properly Christian, much less evangelical. Then again, if the working theology of American spirituality is a combination of “moralistic, therapeutic deism” (Christian Smith) and pragmatism (William James), then perhaps Donald Trump is after all exactly the right candidate for the moment.

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Trump’s response to question No. 6, about treating mental illness, appears, in isolation, to be his most reasoned. He strongly supports increased federal support for state and local treatment centers. He does not outline any mechanism by which this might be done, but the goal is laudable. Unfortunately, later on, when responding to a related but more general question about public health, Trump argues that we are already spending too much on government research, and that new priorities must be set, with priorities to be determined only after he is elected President. He brings to mind Marie Antoinette: even when bread-and-butter investments in health-care research are beyond our financial means, the cake of a good mental-health policy is not. Of course, we should care about both.

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What Barack Obama understood, and Donald Trump perhaps doesn’t, is that seeing a President unguarded in photographs need not necessarily diminish the respect he commands as a leader.

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What Obama understood, and Trump perhaps doesn’t, is that seeing a President unguarded need not necessarily diminish the respect he commands as a leader. It is not incidental that the most evocative photograph from the President’s first months in office is one of the few candid shots from Inauguration Day. In it, Trump, his face set in a near frown, his eyes cast downward, waits to walk out on the dais at the Capitol to take the oath of office. He appears, for a rare instant, to be absorbing the gravity and daunting nature of the office he had been elected to hold. It is, in its way, a comforting image. In that moment, Trump is finally a person we might begin to understand.

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