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The Republic of the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, and Manila is its capital city. The Philippine Archipelago includes 7,107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean (east of Vietnam). The indigenous culture varies among the different islands and some traditions reflect European and American influences from Spain, Latin America, and the United States. Modern day Filipinos are of Austronesian descent (ancestors hailing from Indonesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia), although the backgrounds of some Filipinos may also include Spanish, Mexican, American, Chinese, Arab, or Indian ancestry. The racial blending stems from successive periods of emigration and colonization. The Negritos or Aeta (indigenous peoples) were the islands' original inhabitants; Malays from Southeast Asia moved into the area bringing Muslim culture (Muslims constitute roughly 5% of the population), and later Chinese and east Asians mixed with natives and Malays. The nation is unique among Asian nations in that it is primarily Christian. The majority of the population (82%) is Roman Catholic; most of the remaining population affiliates with other Christian churches, although there are also small communities of Buddhists, Daoists (or Taoists), and tribal animists (Dolan1991).

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Activity note: Getting on/off a bus. Early departure for transfer to airport. The non-stop flight from Santiago to Rapa Nui is approximately 5 hours. Local time in Easter Island is 2 hours behind mainland Chile.

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The line also crosses over a number of areas of the world that are largely unexplored or unexcavated, including the Sahara Desert, the Brazilian Rainforest, the highlands of New Guinea, and underwater areas of the North Atlantic Ocean, the South Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. For example, the midway point between the Great Pyramid and Machupicchu is in the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately one degree south of the Cape Verde Islands. This is also the midway point between Easter Island and the Indus Valley. Although the Cape Verde Islands were found to be uninhabited when they were rediscovered in 1460 A.D., maps and geographical descriptions for the past 2000 years have shown this location to be the home of ancient island civilizations, including maps showing this location to be the site of Atlantis. In Plato’s account of Atlantis, there was a mountainous region north of the city. Are the higher elevations of those mountains now the ?

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All Filipinos in Louisiana speak English and are familiar with American popular culture, but there are several factors that help Filipinos to remain connected to the islands and to their culture. Many Filipinos remain in close contact with friends and family members who live in the Philippines, and visit regularly. Children, even those who do not become fluent in Tagalog, at least learn some traditional songs and expressions, and pick up some of the language if their families visit the islands. The current popularity of traditional-pop fusion and traditional dance has young people interested in learning from their elders. The large number of Filipino organizations in Louisiana, which support Filipino enterprises in the United States and the Philippines, gives residents a variety of ways in which to be involved with other Filipinos and with causes of importance to the larger community. Like all of the Filipinos interviewed for this essay, Hermie Urcia expressed thankfulness to all of those individuals (more than could be named in this essay) who spend their available time organizing Filipino events and sharing the culture:

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The Great Pyramid, Easter Island, Palenque, Dzibilchatun, Stonehenge, the Acropolis, and what remains of the Island of Thera are all equally distant from a point in the South Atlantic Ocean located at 20°55’S 26°10’W.

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The distance from the Great Pyramid to Easter Island is approximately 40% of the circumference of the Earth. The X in the diagram is halfway between the two, 20% each way. Machupicchu is halfway between the X in the diagram and Easter Island, 10% each way. The Distance from the Great Pyramid to Angkor Wat is approximately 20% of the circumference, and the Indus Valley is halfway between the two, 10% each way. The Distance from Easter Island to Angkor Wat is approximately 40% of the circumference, and Anatom Island is halfway between them, 20% each way. These sites are located in multiples of 10% of the circumference of the Earth, and particularly at 20% intervals. Although there are no islands near the location of the X in the diagram, it is interesting to note that the famous shows a large island in this location, and the , taken from the ocean floor in this area, is of continental rather than oceanic type rock.