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It is difficult to predict which alternative fuel source America will ultimately choose, but with the premier of Nissan’s electric powered Leaf and other companies; such as Tesla Motors and Chevy, with their electric cars ready for market, the electric car may be winning the race to become the new standard for the gasoline alternative....

1 Tesla Roadster, 1 Toyota Prius and 3 Nissan Leafs

But many of us never really find a true example of the uses of electric cars in everyday life.

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is an American public company which is known worldwide because of its experience in designing, manufacturing and also the selling of electric cars and electric components for vehicles.

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In the early developing stages electric cars were extremely costly, basic, and so limited from a technical standpoint that many people thought buying a golf cart would be more practicable....

The article proves that having a private electric cars is no longer a dream.

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EV day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum September 19, 2015. Vehicles on display included the BMW i8 and i3, Tesla Model S and Roadster, Fisker Karma, MIT Motorsports electric Formula SAE race car, VW eGolf, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius plug in, XL Hybrids XL3 box truck, Zero Motorcycle, Smart fortwo, Mitsubishi iMEV, Ford Focus, and electric conversion cars - Chevy S10, Saturn SC2, Chevy Metro and MGB. Other participants included nrgEVgo, Solar City, Wattzilla, and TransitX.

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The guy at the far right with his back to the camera is Tim McLeod, GM of AEL&P. His Volt is the grey one with "Volt" across the side. That was the first EV in Juneau. John Cooper is the guy in the blue shirt in the middle of the photo, he is Facilities Manager at the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute. I'm not sure about anyone else in the photo. The PT Cruiser is a home conversion vehicle, and the boat in the background is powered by Torqeedo electric outboards being sold by Tongass Rain Electric Cruise, a local company working to build a 47 passenger, 50' displacement catamaran to take folks on zero-carbon whale watching tours beginning in 2016.

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You don’t have to be an auto dealer to profit from the growing market for electric vehicles. With electric vehicle sales projected to rise 48% each year through 2020, many property owners are installing EV charging stations at their businesses. For a total installed cost as low as $1,200 per charger (before incentives and rebates), you can attract this growing group of consumers. With typical charge times averaging over an hour, these units are ideal for malls, restaurants, or any business that would like to give its customers a reason to stay a little longer.

Electric cars have skulked in the shadows, neglected and abused, but soon that all will change....

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These so called “green” automobiles, which are considered to be hybrids and electric cars, are actually less green than their internal combustion engine powered counterparts....

Hybrid cars combine the energy generated from gasoline and electricity to power them....

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The first minute and nineteen seconds of the film, Who Killed the Electric Car, reported that “two million new cars are sold in California each year” (Who).

Five hundred electric cars were produced by the Pope Manufacturing Company in 1897.

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Gas cars cost people on average thirty-six cents for every mile they drive, but people that drive hybrid cars only spend ten cents for every mile they drive (“Electric”).