In this essay I will examine both sides of the abortion issue.

Christians must be free to speak about their faith and Christmas without fear, the Prime Minister has said. Her comments come as a report from the think tank ResPublica warns religious freedoms are being eroded and teachers, magistrates and other professionals have been disciplined and sacked for living according to their beliefs. Conservative MP Fiona […]

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The pro-choice side has many arguments to support it belief in keeping abortion legal.

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Ahead of the Pope’s visit to Spain, the Church there has warned that Down Syndrome babies are becoming less common as more parents are choosing to abort their children when prenatal tests indicate the condition.

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A hospital has backed down from trying to force a pair of Catholic nurses to participate in abortions after they invoked equality laws against the NHS, says Simon Caldwell.

Also, the pro-life group declares that choice is the sole purpose behind their argument.

The term abortion means to intentionally end a process prematurely

A couple of decades ago when abortion was illegal, thousands of woman died for attempting to terminate the child’s life themselves or with unprofessional help.

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Those in favor of abortion would state that an unwanted fetus could be at risk of birth defects , maternal depression , low birth rates and more (Family Planning Program)....

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Assuming the reader of this essay agrees with the above definition, I will explore the following thesis, and support my answer with appropriate, adequate documentation, from "Conversations": "Should abortion be legal.

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The first thing to be saidabout this is that it is something new. Opponents of abortion have been soconcerned to make out the independence of the fetus, in order to establish thatit has a right to life, just as its mother does, that they have tended tooverlook the possible support they might gain from making out that the fetus isdependent on the mother, in order to establish that she has a special kind ofresponsibility for it, a responsibility that gives it rights against her whichare not possessed by any independent person--such as an ailing violinist who isa stranger to her.

In this case it was not necessarily an abortion in today’s terms, but the same principle is there.

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The president of the Philippine bishops’ conference has said the Church is open to dialogue with President Benigno Aquino III about his proposal to distribute contraceptives but added that the plan could be considered an “accessory” to abortion.

In the past, the availability of abortion would have never been guessed.

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Earlier this morning, in response to an article in today's Daily Mail, I tweeted that Tessa Jowell MP was supporting a report that had called for the over 60s to be "taxed out of their homes" in order to free up the property market. Here's her response:

Pro-Choice groups advocate freedom of choice and often use scientific examples and facts to support their argument.

This essay focuses on the arguments for and against abortion

I’m sure that being raped by someone in your family can bring on lots of stress & confusion, so it is completely understandable why most would get abortions under this circumstance....