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Beyond providing economic benefits, I desire to enhance sustainable and environmentally friendly business models to our consumption-intensive world. CONSIDER YOUR YMBA STORYIN THE CONTEXT OF YOUR APPLICATION PACKAGEThe tone of your YMBA essay sets the tone for all other essays.As you complete your outline and move into writing, revising, and editing your essay draft, you can begin to consider how your goals relate to your accomplishments and setbacks.Will your reader believe you can achieve your goals, based on what you have accomplished already?Do you have the potential to become the person you say you want to be?How about setbacks?

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For example, a student may be performing very poorly on written tests in global studies that require written expression. The IEP goal for this student should focus on developing written expressive skills (e.g., using outlines or other strategies to organize sentences in paragraphs) rather than the curriculum goal that the student will write an essay about the economy of a particular country. Generally, goals should address a student’s unique needs across the content areas and should link to the standards so that a student has the foundation or precursor skills and strategies needed to access and progress in the general education curriculum.

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