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As a member of the clergy and as a college professor, I find it all too easy to lapse into a sermon or a lecture. But what I believe is what I believe; you will hear no “shoulds” in the next few moments that pertain to you. If you do, that’s for you to sort out. I do not believe that anyone must hold the same convictions that I do; however, I long for sojourners who will make their way with me, who will challenge, support, question and wonder with me about the awesome experience of life.

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Introduction For analysis, in this essay, we have taken up three articles, which deal with definition, concepts and strategies concerning information warfare.(Jones, 1999; Arquilla, 1999; 2003) In the age of information technology, knowledge is used for both good and not so good purposes. Information technology, when it is used for purpose of aggression, it will …

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I bring this passage to your attention because I think it relates directly to the time horizon of our hopes. If our time units are short and we cannot envision life beyond the turbulence of the present world situation, we are likely to become pessimistic or even fall into despair. It is important to think in longer time units and to focus our hopes out into the future beyond the present turbulence. In this way we can find strength to work in the present for a better future situation.

Paul amplified this definition for hope in Romans; he wrote, “For in this hope we were saved.

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This essay addresses the topic of hope in the context of the challenges of daily life. I am not interested in examining the idea of "hope" as a metaphysical or intellectual abstraction, but rather as an important and practical component of the psychological, social and spiritual struggles which we encounter in daily life.

She has faced countless obstacles in both her personal life and professional career.

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But let us not be so limited in our perspective that we view this cultivation of hope and faith as merely a strategy to avoid anxiety. If we are able to transmute our hope into living faith, we should thereby be empowered to serve others. There are many places in the story of Jesus where the authors comment that he often "spoke comforting words of hope and courage" to the people he encountered in the course of his daily life. We can do this as well. Anything you can do to relieve suffering and anxiety in the lives of people around you is a direct contribution to the healing of our world.

A situation in Jesus' life, during the years when he was helping Mary raise the children, illustrates his sense of the power of hope:

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The story The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant is a biting criticism of vanity. It follows the life and hopes of Madame Loisel who dreams of being bedecked with jewels and fine dresses. Her pride causes her constant discomfort in life. Highlighting the disappointments in Madame Loisel’s life, de Maupassant creates a bitter picture of …

Euthanasia or so called physician assisted death stand for intended cessation of person’s life at situation of terminal illness....

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