Riady is looking for an American bank to buy.

In late 2013, Trump was considering running for governor of New York, and Conway produced a poll for him. “She thought that it was possible for him to win New York,” Michael Caputo, a Trump adviser at the time, who resigned from his Presidential campaign after clashing with Lewandowski, told me. In a memo on the poll results, Conway wrote, “NY loves its celebrity politicians and families: the Kennedys, Moynihans, Buckleys, Clintons, and even the Cuomos. Donald Trump fits that (loose) bill, and he has the money and moxie to compete if he chooses to enter the race.” Conway’s research showed Trump losing to Andrew Cuomo by thirty-five points, but she chose not to include that figure in her memo.

He later says he was "sponsored" by Bill Clinton.

Artist who painted Bill Clinton's portrait slipped in a secret Monica Lewinsky reference

A contractor agreed to pad my monthly construction bill by $2,000.

Conway founded her own firm, the Polling Company, in 1995, and developed a niche advising corporations—American Express, Hasbro, Vaseline, and others—about consumer trends, especially among women. Her most well-known political clients, including Gingrich, Mike Pence, and Dan Quayle, have been socially conservative Republicans who needed help reaching female voters. “She spent most of her career looking at polling data, with a particular emphasis on consumers and on women,” Gingrich said. “So she sees them more holistically than a lot of political pollsters.”

I turned the money over to Henry to give to Clinton.

Kellyanne’s husband is George T. Conway III, who as a young lawyer played a historic—and largely hidden—role in the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Conway, a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School, worked at the New York City firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, and was a member of the Federalist Society, the conservative organization that led many of the legal challenges to the Clinton Administration. When Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, Conway wrote the Supreme Court brief, though his name never appeared on it. The Court, in a landmark decision, agreed with Jones’s argument that a sitting President could face a civil lawsuit. During depositions in the lawsuit, Clinton denied having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, which eventually led to his impeachment trial. George Conway became deeply involved in getting out information from the depositions. During that period, he reportedly e-mailed Matt Drudge an infamous scoop about the shape of Clinton’s penis.

1999), and Bill Clinton's subsequent suspension from the practice of law in Arkansas.

As a former KGB agent working in East Germany, Mr.

~~~ Justin [Brown's lawyer] looked around to see what was going on as the aide put his foot at the bottom of the door, thus placing an improvised locking mechanism on it.

So he is making up his own lies.

D., that Mena thing, that was just a drug deal gone bad wasn't it?" Writes Brown, "I came away from that conversation thinking he was trying to convince me Mena was nothing but a drug operation.

saved the Court from FDR's court packing scheme.

While this project was not Kennedy's idea in the first place, his clumsiness in dealing with it can be chalked up to "on the job training." What seemed to be his inexperience, however, led Castro and Khrushchev into thinking that they could get away with placing nuclear missles in Cuba.

Three were added after I visited the city in 2010: Chester Alan Arthur, Bill Clinton, and George W.

Bill Clinton still owed him $81,000.

They are then, in fact, the corps of sappers and miners, steadily working to undermine the independent rights of the States, and to consolidate all power in the hands of that government in which they have so important a freehold estate.

Because all he wanted to do while people were talking to him is stand around and scratch his head.

In November she starts having an affair with Bill Clinton

Social reform, which the country welcomed and still demands, seems to have been perverted by lesser members of the New Deal general staff to the purposes of making war upon the existing social and economic order, a war inspired by nothing so much as bitter malice against any measure of personal success.

The deal will be kept secret from investigators working in Louisiana and Arkansas.

I was out of the car smoking, could see the action going on.

D., we'll take care of you, we'll get you a job." With the cigar in his mouth and his arm around my neck, the Senator looked more like a character from a Mario Puzo novel making me 'an offer I couldn't refuse' than a United States Senator conducting an investigation on the President of the United States.