Hamletcontrasts this with his own passiveness in both word and deed.

Shakespeare's "Hamlet" was a remake of an already popularplay, based in turn on historical fiction, basedin turn on an episode from the Dark Ages, the lawless,might-makes-right era that followed the collapseof Roman-era civilization.The Historical Hamletwas the son of aDanish "King of the Jutes",who lived during the Dark Ages.

Once again, Hamlet's genuineness looks like madness.

Throughout the play, Hamlet spirals through bouts of insanity, depression, and hostility.

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Hamlethas been walking around aimlessly in the palace for up tofour hours at a time.Polonius, in private, sends his servant Reynaldo to spy onLaertes.

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His entire existence is engulfed in his melancholia. Hamlet's words, thoughts, interactions and most tangibly his actions make his heavy-heartedness an undeniable reality.

Throughout the tragedy of Hamlet revenge is a recurring theme, amongst all of the characters.

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You might decide that Hamlet, knowing that his behavior is going to beabnormal because he is under stress, wants to mislead the court into thinkinghe is simply nuts rather than bent on revenge.

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The approach taken by Shakespeare in Hamlet has generated countless different interpretations of meaning, but it is through Hamlet's struggle to confront his internal dilemma, deciding when to revenge his fathers death, that the reader becomes aware of one of the more common interpretations in Hamlet; the idea that Shakespeare is attempting to comment on the influence that one's state of min...

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(Foolish busybodies do not usually become chief advisors to warrior-kings.)Polonius launches into a verbose speech about finding thecause of madness, prompting the queen to tell him to getto the point ("More matter with less art"; the queen actuallycares about Hamlet.) He reads a love letter from Hamlet.

Hamlet tells Horatio, his friend that he is going to fake madness as he loses his determination....

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The physical movement of a character during a play. Gesture is used to reveal character, and may include facial expressions as well as movements of other parts of an actor's body. Sometimes a playwright will be very explicit about both bodily and facial gestures, providing detailed instructions in the play's stage directions. Shaw's includes such stage directions. See .

He is a manipulative character who seeks revenge on Hamlet through other people he knows.

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Horatio (who seems more inclined tofaith in God than do the other characters) agrees: "That ismost certain." Since this doesn't make perfect sensewith the plot, Shakespeare probably placed it here forphilosophic reasons, especially given what is about to happen --coincidences ("Providence"?)are going to work events out for Hamlet's cause.

Polonius then truthfully tells how heforbade Ophelia to see or accept messages from Hamlet.

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Claudius even instructs Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to escort Hamlet to England because "it [is not] safe with us/To let his madness range" (III, iii, 1-2). Essentially, each supporting character questions Hamlet's sanity, and most conclude he is indeed mad.