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But, in the second place, intellectual property is not allowed even protection, during the time for which the government pretends to protect it. It is not allowed, like other property, the protection of criminal laws, under which the government not only pays the expense of prosecutions, but punishes violators by imprisonment. All property, except intellectual, is allowed the benefit of these criminal laws. But intellectual property is permitted the protection only of civil suits, in which the parties pay their own expenses, and in which, if judgment be obtained, it must often be against irresponsible men, who can make no satisfaction for their wrongs. In this case, the injured party has expended his money, without either obtaining redress against the individual wrong-doer, or procuring the infliction of any punishment to operate as a warning to others.

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This paper focus and list some of the issues and differences on Intellectual Property between U.S.

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He expects to prove, among other things, that it is the present constitutional duty of courts, both in England and America—any acts of parliament or of congress to the contrary notwithstanding—to maintain the principle of perpetuity in intellectual property, and also to give to such property the protection of the criminal law

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order to understand the law of nature in regard to intellectual property, it is necessary to understand the principles of that law in regard to property in general. We shall then see that the right of property in is at least as strong as—and in many cases identical with—the right of property in material things.

Prior to the Internet, intellectual property was a fairly straightforward issue.

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The legal principle at stake in the Donaldson case has significant ethicalimplications. If copyright is a form of limited monopoly granted throughstatute, based on policy considerations, and not an absolute common lawright, the ethical burden of proof shifts to copyright holders to showthat their property interests are more important than the public good ofhaving access to information. The ethical issue takes a metaphysical turnwhen we ask, as we shall in section II, just what it is that constitutesthe intellectual property protected by copyright. Again, if the "substance"of intellectual property is constituted by statutory fiat, then the limitationsof the right are not analogous to limitations of natural rights.

However, the protection of intellectual property has both individual and social benefits.

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Introduction China had made great improvement in deregulation and had complied with its obligations to follow rules and agreements such as Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) as a new member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) since 2001.

Intellectual property has become an even more significant issue because of that.

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It is, therefore, wholly impossible that the circumstance, that one commodity—as a hammer, for example—is in its nature susceptible of being possessed and used by but one person at a time without collision, and that another commodity—as a road, a canal, a railroad car, a ship, a bathing place, a church, a theatre, or an idea—is susceptible of being possessed ( occupied), and used by many persons at once without collision, can affect a man’s right to have complete dominion over the fruits of his labor. A man’s exclusive right of property in—or, in other words, his right of absolute dominion over—any one of these various commodities, depends entirely upon the fact, that such commodity was either a product or acquisition of his own labor, (or of the labor of some one, from whom, either mediately, or immediately, he has derived it, by purchase, gift, or inheritance;) and not at all upon the fact, that such commodity can, or cannot, be possessed and used by more than one person at a time, without collision.

Their hard work may be taken by others if they did not protect their intellectual property well....

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Two kinds of arguments for perpetual copyright were offered during the18th century. First, the Stationers alleged, especially with regard toliterature, that authors are entitled to a perpetual property right becausetheir work is an original invention. Second, many claimed that intellectualproperty is analogous to real estate and that the right of ownership derivesfrom a right of "occupation." William Blackstone argued in hisCommentaries (1765-1769) that in publishing a book one is not offeringsomething for public use, as when land is given for use as a highway. Rather,"In such a case, it is more like making a way through a man's ownprivate grounds, which he may stop at pleasure; he may give out a numberof keys, by publishing a number of copies; but no man who receives a key,has thereby a right to forge others, and sell them to other people."Thus, Blackstone asserted an analogy between intellectual property andreal property over which one has a right of occupation. If Blackstone isright then public access to copyrighted works is not a public right buta kind of visitation right. Copyright infringement is thus not so muchtheft as trespassing.