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Another daughter of the Joy Luck Club and the wife of Ted, a physician. Because Rose is timid and accepting, she is often taken for granted. When Ted asks Rose for a divorce, her mother inspires her to stand up for herself. As a result, she refuses to let Ted walk all over her and take away her home.

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Another daughter of the Joy Luck Club. As a child, she was a prodigy at chess. As an adult, she is a successful tax-consultant and an ambitious, selfish, and strong-willed woman. She has a daughter, Shoshana, and is about to marry her second husband, Rich Shields. Waverly has confused ideas about her mother and her Chinese heritage; she is also afraid of her mother’s disapproval.

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The narrator who opens the novel. She introduces The Joy Luck Club of San Francisco. Although Jing-Mei is good-natured and large-hearted, she lacks ambition and is content to be a copywriter in a small advertising firm. She ends up in China, meeting her long lost half-sisters and fulfilling her mother’s dying wish.

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Waverly’s mother and a member of The Joy Luck Club. As a young girl in China, Lindo was married off to an impotent husband. She manages to escape her husband and his mother and come to America, where she marries Tin Jong and has three children.

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Lena’s mother and a member of The Joy Luck Club. Unlike her friends who came out of poverty in China, she hails from a wealthy Chinese family. When she was a young woman, she married and became pregnant. When her husband abandoned her, she aborted the baby. She later married an American named Clifford St. Clair, whom she grew to love.

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Suyuan’s second husband and Jing-Mei’s father. He asks his daughter to take the place of his wife in The Joy Luck Club and later accompanies her to Shanghai to meet his wife’s lost twin daughters.

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Amy Tan was born in the United States to immigrant Chinese parents. She wrote “The Joy Luck Club,” “The Bonesetter’s Daughter” and other bestselling books. Tan is literary editor for West magazine and plays in the band, the Rock Bottom Remainders.

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Another daughter of the Joy Luck Club and the wife of a successful American businessman, Harold Livotny. He exploits her, refusing to share his wealth with her. Although she is a talented interior decorator, she suffers from her unhappy marriage, is anorexic, and feels she leads a hollow existence.

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The Joy Luck Club, for which the book is named, is located in modern day San Francisco, where four Chinese mothers have made lives for themselves after leaving their native countries years earlier. A miniature of the old country has been recreated in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where most of the immigrants live in the city. Their houses are replicas of homes in the motherland and are adorned with traditional Chinese furniture and decorations. Within Chinatown, the older inhabitants continue to follow their native customs and celebrate their important festivals. They also gather often to enjoy each other and to eat Chinese delicacies.