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As children grow so do the number of choices they have to make. The choices will begin just as soon as they start school and will continue to grow in complexity as your child matures. What does it take to make a choice? Making a choice takes a balance of self-confidence and the mental ability to think through the consequences of your decision. Therefore, teaching a child to make good choices will benefit them for years to come and will definitely set your child in the right direction.

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As most parents know, teaching through example is a very good starting point to teaching our children the values we want to instill in them. Talking about good choices is your next best tool, explain to your child what a good decision is. A good decision is one that results in more good then harm, considers the feelings of other, is selfless, follows the rules, and is positive and beneficial.

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At this stage of childhood children will make a number of choices that we aren’t happy with or make us turn the other cheek and wonder if that was actually our child. Allow children to make these choices, good or bad, and when the choice comes up that is not so good this is the perfect opportunity to talk about choices with your child. “The choice you made to spit in the house was not an appropriate decision, let’s talk about choices and how they affect you and the people around you.”

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One other very important step is to talk to your children about the affects of negative choices and the affects of positive choices, “If Oprah Winfrey never made the choice to go to college she may not be the highest paid woman in television history. EThe more open you are now with your children, the better and stronger the lines of communication when they get to an age where peer pressure, bad choices and the negativity of the teenanage years will be in abundance.

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Why is it that even though we live in the richest country in the world and have an enormous number of choices we can make. Making Good Choices Making Good

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