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Everyday moments that I think would be good for essay material would be my family and I sitting down for dinner every night and just talking about whatever comes to mind, even if it the stupidest thing. I would just talk about me and what I do and the things that I like to do or what I might do when I am bored. Some things might be boring to one person, but then they might be very exciting to another person, that is how it usually is for me. The one thing that would make the admissions people cry about me is that I have six other brothers and sisters but I have only met four of them, and I don’t think that I will ever meet the other two of them.

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Small moments that would make a good essay would be moments with my family. There is never a boring moment with my family we are always doing something funny, stupid, argueing over something stupid, or just messing with each other. For example a few days ago I started messing with my mother and I started to hit her like playing around. And she was like quite it but i kept messing with her and she started laughing and then I started to laugh after her. I really do not know because we are just a really random family. But you got to love them weather or not you like it.

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Almost all the moments in my life are mundane moments, so according to this article I really should have plenty of things to write an essay about. I think one of the best essays I could write about myself would be me talking about all the things I do at my church. Doing community service projects, ushering almost every Sunday, helping kids younger than me to understand our religion at our youth group, and helping my dad teach his confirmation class, are probably all things that would make a good essay for college. Another thing that would probably make a good essay would be just me talking about what I do in my free time. Things like reading books, watching cartoons like Phineas and Ferb with my little brothers, playing saxophone, and playing soccer all are things that a college admissions worker would just love.

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