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For the child Ozeki, raised on the East Coast of the United States in the 1960’s, questions of orientation and identity drifted in and out of her early life without clear answers. Referring to the Japanese slang word, hafu, Ozeki says: “I think probably as I was growing up, I thought of myself as half, but I always imagined it as a kind of dotted line somewhere in my body. I never could understand quite where the line was, where my Japanese side started or ended. We grew up with all my Japanese mother’s things around, scrolls and paintings, ceramics, lots of photographs, since my grandfather was a photographer.” At 7 years old, her mother took her on her first trip to Japan.

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One might wonder what cows and identity have to do with each other. Upon opening up My Year of Meats by Ruth Ozeki, I found myself questioning what this tale might have to do with mixed race identity or JA culture. But before long, it’s relevance began seeping up through the seams. Interlaced between two seemingly opposite people lies a story of identity and culture, portrayed through the horrors of the meat industry, awkward relationships, and transnational documentary TV production. It follows the story of Jane Takagi, a Japanese American documentary film maker who finds herself employed by a Japanese TV production company who is working in conjunction with American meat industry leader BEEF-EX. Her task: To travel around America filming “wholesome” American families who know the value of meat in American culture. The show is called My American Wife! and it’s primary focus is to promote the beef industry in Japan but right out of the gate, Jane finds the rules for her choice of families to be unauthentic. She then decides to take matters into her own hands. Following her documentarian beliefs, which turn out to be contradictory in and of themselves, Jane begins to break the boundaries in an attempt to bring more authentic American families and values into the program.

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A team of scientists from the USDA compared grassfed lambs with lambs fed grain in a feedlot. They found that "lambs grazing pasture had 14% less fat and about 8% more protein compared to grain-fed lamb." The researchers acknowledged that "consumer desires for healthier meats have shifted the emphasis to leaner, trimmer carcasses.." and that raising more sheep on pasture will "benefit our economy by reducing reliance upon expensive grain supplements..." For more information, refer to .

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