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This essay has the purpose to give a prospective of the information society as one where technologies play an indispensable role in economic growth and in social work.

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This essay will analyze Huckleberry Finn and its relation to society today; the main issues that are addressed include: Huckleberry’s growth as a moral and upstanding person, race relations between African-Americans and Caucasian-Americans including Huck’s relation to Jim and the issue of slavery, the role of society and an analysis of...

Hayek in his essays The Use of Knowledge in Society and the Meaning of Competition explains his theories.
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Following the consultation exercise begun in July 2007, and in view of the urgent need to take action concerning the deteriorating condition of our planet, the state created legislation. The planning law concerning the implementation of the Grenelle Environmental Round Table, known as the ‘Grenelle 1’ law, was passed on 3rd August 2009. Through its 57 articles, this global law proposes measures affecting the energy and building sectors, transport, biodiversity and natural environments, , and risks to the environment and health.
The Grenelle 1 law is intended to favour and accelerate the taking into account of new environmental challenges by all participants. The aim is to guarantee sustainable operation and development for society and the economy. Another of its aims is the long-term preservation of the standard of living and purchasing power of the French population. This law faithfully reflects the commitments made at the Grenelle Round Table. It specifies and supplements some of the approaches based on proposals put forward by the committees set up following the Grenelle, and gives budget estimates.
The building and energy sectors are in the front line of those concerned by the Grenelle law. This law has most notably confirmed all the approaches concerning the control of energy, the development of renewable energy sources, and the fight against climate change. The decision was made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of 4 before 2050. A target of 23% renewable energy sources was set. The 50 kWhEP/m2/year standard, expressed in primary energy, was confirmed.

Citation: Sharon Beder, The Role of Technology in Sustainable Development, Technology and Society, Vol

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Giving the example of their own country, where the purchasing power of the average person is expected to increase by 70 per cent by the year 2010, they argue that "an incredible reduction in discharge levels and waste flows per product unit would have to be realised to achieve the aim of a sustainable society".

Eco-materials for a sustainable society Nowadays­, our landfills are close to saturated, which is a critical problem that we have to face no long in the future.


Energy is tightly linked to the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, environmental, and social. Energy services are obviously essential to economic and social development. To contribute to this ongoing development, the main issue in the energy sector will be to control the consumption of natural energy resources. In fact, we must set up a system for better compatibility of current living standards with the conservation of energy resources for future generations.

There is no denying that energy is the driving force—the very essence—of modern civilization. Energy services are essential for human well-being, and contribute to strengthening social stability thanks to the constant increase in the standard of living. Energy is decisive for the development and prosperity of economic players. Although the energy intensity needs of modern economies are gradually falling, enormous quantities of energy will be required to improve living conditions in the developing countries. The energy sector itself occupies an important place in the world economy in terms of employment, income, and trade.